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Grooveshark was a web-based music streaming service. However, it went out of service some time ago.  Users could upload music, create a playlist, and share their music with other users.  You can read about the downfall of Grooveshark here. For now, these are the best Grooveshark alternatives for you to try. Although, you ought to take caution when using such websites due to legal implications.


Soundcloud serves as an excellent replacement for Grooveshark. It is one of the top online music streaming services on the internet. There are lots of features and users can upload tunes, stream songs and create playlists. You can find an unusual assortment of indie music as well as fan favorites on Soundcloud. Soundcloud has a web-based app, iOS app, and Android app.


Another website like Grooveshark is Spotify. This app is the top music streaming app in the USA. Several features to attract users of all walks of life. Spotify offers playlist creations, radio stations, favorite artists, recommendations and more curated music for all your needs. There is an add based free version and a premium version for $9.99 per month. Get it on their website for all platforms.


Deezer is similar to Grooveshark in that it offers an extensive inventory of music. Like Spotify, you can create playlists, import your favorite music files, and listen even when you have no internet connection. However, while Spotify does not offer on-screen lyrics, Deezer does. There is a free version and a paid version for $9.99. Check out Deezer here.

Last.Fm serves as an alternative to Grooveshark with features like uploading your music, creating categorized playlists and sharing music with people. Last.Fm’s AudioScrobbler lets you keep track of all of the music you listen across various apps. So, it can gather info from Spotify and other apps to create custom recommendations for you.

Did you know that there are some good free mp3 download sites for you to check out? Some are apps like music paradise pro and 4Shared. However, one should always use extreme caution when using such apps and websites as they can be prone to viruses. And, if you have an extensive catalog of music on a Mac, here are some good iTunes alternative music player for Mac to better manage your music downloads. Now, back to the list!


Another website like Grooveshark is Pandora. Pandora offers free music listening for Android phones and iOS devices. Check out the site. However, due to piracy issues, Pandora only services  Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S. There is a free version and a paid version for $4.99 monthly.


Rdio can sync with a Roku or Chromecast and offers offline playback. Tune into your radio stations or choose one that interests you. Like other music streaming services, you can make playlists, check out artist pages, and it works with CarPlay. Pandora bought Rdio so there a good chance that these features will become standard on that platform.


If you like playlists, then 8tracks is a solid choice for your music streaming needs. As the name suggests, users create playlists of 8 tracks. Moreover, you can add cover art, tags and titles to help other users discover your creation. However, the biggest disadvantages with 8tracks are that you can only skip two songs within a playlist, and you can only play playlists twice within an eight-hour period. Check it out at

Vibe Cloud

If you want services like Grooveshark, then Vibe Cloud comes close enough. Vibe Cloud lets you search, upload and download music just like Grooveshark. Additionally, there is an HTML5 player to listen to tracks on a mobile or web browser. See their website here for the free music.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music. With a monthly subscription, gain access to over 35 million songs that are not only easily searchable but are also on-demand. Moreover, add your music library to Play Music to listen to tracks you already own. It may not be the best Grooveshark alternative, but it is a legal source of good music.


Playmos lets you curate all the songs you find online. It works with YouTube, SoundCloud & more. Moreover, there’s a large community with which you can collaborate to get the most of the music experience that Playmoss offers. Save and organize all the musical references you listen on the web throughout the day and share them after with your contacts and friends. Find out more at


Soundiiz manages a large number of music providers to bring all your music data together under a single interface.Transfer all your music from one application or service to the next. This transfer includes Playlists, Favorites, tracks, albums, and artists. See all the features at

What do you think about these Grooveshark alternative websites and apps? Let us know in the comments if you have a favorite app or website that should be on the list.  Oh, if you hear a song you do not know, use one of these song identifiers to find out what song it is. Thanks for checking out the Top Grooveshark Alternatives | Websites Similar To Grooveshark on ORDUH. Lastly, we’d appreciate it if you share the list with your friends.

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