Fix: “Android Pay Cannot Be Used” Error

Android Pay Cannot Be Used: This guide teaches you how to fix an error with  Android Pay that reads, “Android Pay Cannot Be Used.” Why does your smartphone get this error? Simple. Google strives to ensure the safety and privacy of all clients and, as  such, if your smartphone is rooted (android pay cannot be used cyanogenmod devices, for example), the Android Pay service is automatically blocked. Any user who attempts to use the service on rooted devices are met with the errors message, “Android Pay Cannot Be Used.

The easiest fix would be to un-root you smartphone and this allows you to gain access to the service. Sometimes, un-rooting, activating the Android Pay service and then re-rooting fixes the issue. This worked for a Google+ user but, as he reports, it works for some but not everyone. If you really want to use the service then here is everything you need to know on how to fix Android Pay Cannot Be Used Error:

Disable Root from SuperSU

This method works using the SuperSU application. Reddit user kenundrem claims that this method works perfectly. It is much simpler than the next method which uses the Xposed Framework. kenundrem had problems verifying cards on Android Pay due to root. He claims to have disabled root in SuperSU, launched Android Pay, verified the cards and then all worked. Then he went on to reenable SuperSU and went to the store to test that if it works with root. It did!  The reddit user uses a S4 5.0.1 verizon bootloader locked with root. So, here’s how to fix Android Pay Cannot Be Used using SuperSu: 

  • Open the SuperSU app on your device.
  • Tap the Settings tab.
  • Untick the “Enable Superuser” option.
  • Open Android Pay and set up your cards.
  • Go back to SuperSU app and tick the “Enable Superuser” option.

Use RootCloak Xposed Module

This method, as mentioned above, uses the Xposed Framework. There exists an Xposed module called RootCloak which cloaks your device’s root status, so you can cloak the Google Play Services app, which Android Pay uses, and use the service unhindered. Here’s how to use Android Pay with Root via RootCloak:

  • Install Xposed Framework on your device.
  • Install RootCloak Xposed Module and enable it in the Xposed installer app.
  • Open RootCloak app from your launcher.
  • Now as a first-time user of the app, open menu (tap 3 dot icon) and select the “Reset to Default Apps” option.
  • Now if Google Play Services isn’t already in the list of default apps, add it using the + button.
  • Either reboot your device or Force Close the Google Play Services app.
  • Open the Android Pay app, it should now work on your rooted device.

“No Device Check” Xposed Module

Lastly, you can use this to workaround the “Android Pay is not available” error. Google’s SafeTyNet API allows app developers to check the status of your device. The No Device Check module essentially blocks this by returning a “device not modified/rooted” message to the app requesting the check. This may work to allow you to use the Android Pay service and not receive any Android Pay Cannot Be Used errors.  You can  Download “No Device Check” Xposed Module from that link.


  • If you receive force close errors while adding your credit or debit cards, you may have to toggle the RootCloak module On/Off repeatedly until you’ve added all of your cards. After, you may leave it on.
  • And, you should also be aware that, if your device has an unlocked bootloader then chances are that Android Pay will not work either. So, even if you un-root or hide the root status, you’d still see the error message.

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Android Pay workaround without Xposed/rootcloak : Android

For those of you still having problems verifying your card due to root. I just disabled root in SuperSU, launched Android Pay, verified my cards…

If you get this “Android Pay cannot be used” error and you’re …

If you get this “Android Pay cannot be used” error and you’re rooted, you will probably need to unroot, activate Android Pay, and then re-root.
Thanks for reading: How to fix android pay cannot be used on rooted/modified devices. We hope this guide helped in someway and that you’d comment the method that works best for you so that other readers can receive help.

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