How To Remove Stuck Notifications On Android Phones

When notifications get stuck on your Android’s Home screen or lock screen you want to get rid of them. But, how? In this article, we tell you the steps to removing stuck notifications on Android phones.

Remove Stuck Notification Android 5.1 & Above

  • Firstly, swipe the notification to the right to dismiss it.
  • If not, swipe to the left to open notification settings.
  • To open settings, tap the cog/gear icon.
  • Tap the switch to turn off notifications for the specific app.
  • When the switch turns grey, it disables that app’s notifications.

That’s it! The notification should now go away. Simply re-enable notifications for the app and use it as per normal.

Furthermore, to change the notification without completely removing it, tap More settings. You can disable the notification sound, and whether this notification appears on the lock screen.

Remove Stuck Notifications On Older Android Phones

  • Firstly, try to swipe the notification to remove it.
  • If it stays, then, press and hold the notification.
  • This opens the App Info shortcut.
  • Choose Force Stop.
  • A warning pops up, tap OK to continue.

That’s it! You can always uninstall and reinstall the app as a last resort. But, that is not really necessary in most cases.

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