How To Remove Voicemail Notification On Samsung Galaxy S7

Sometimes, when you receive a voicemail, the notification stays on your Galaxy S7 display. You can’t swipe it away. And, even after you tap it, and select hide content, it remains stuck on the screen. 

Furthermore, the voicemail notification remains on the screen even after you listen to the voicemail. It even stays when you have no new messages!

Well, you can ignore the notification, but how do you know when you receive a new voicemail? How can you tell when to check your voicemail box for new messages? Surely, you would grow tired of false alarms.

How To Get Rid Of Voicemail Notification On S7

Luckily, I want to show you how to get rid of the voicemail notification on your Samsung Galaxy S7. Try these simple tips and tricks if your Galaxy S7 voicemail notification won’t go away.

We start with a simple restart, disable/re-enable tactic as well as clearing different apps to delete the voicemail notification. Alright! Let us start!

Reboot your Galaxy S7

A quick restart may solve the issue. A restart may rectify the glitch. Power off your Galaxy S7 completely. Then, start the smartphone.

Has the voicemail notification disappeared? No? Then, try the next tip in the guide. If yes, then congrats. Always remember to restart or turn off your S7 for a few minutes every week.

Disable/Re-Enable Voicemail Notifications

Disabling and then re-enabling the “show notification” option under the voicemail app settings sometimes removes the ever persistent new voicemail notification.

  • To access the “Show notifications” setting in your voicemail application you need to access your Galaxy S7 Settings.
  • Here, find and open the Application Manager.
  • Navigate to all apps.
  •  Locate the Voicemail application, tap to open it and then deselect the Show notifications option.
  • Scroll and find the Voicemail app.
  • Tap to open it and then deselect the Show notifications option.
  • Once disabled, tap the option to re-enable it.
  • Make sure to check “Show notifications.”
  • Reboot your Galaxy S7 and test that the voicemail works correctly by leaving yourself a test voicemail.

Delete App Data

Has the above failed to resolve the Galaxy S7 voicemail notification won’t go away problem? Then, the next thing to try is to clear the cache/data for the phone/voicemail app.

By deleting this data, you reset the settings and data of the applications. Do not worry, though. You do not lose any of your voicemail messages.

Clear S7 Phone Application

  • Access your Galaxy S7’s Settings
  • Find and open the Application Manager
  • Scroll to ALL
  • Tap on Phone
  • Then, tap Clear data.

Finally, check to make sure that your voicemail icon displays correctly. Is the new voicemail notification still stuck? Then, try removing the voicemail app’s data instead. To do so, follow the guidelines below.

Clear the Voicemail Application

If for some reason clearing the data on your phone app did not help then try clearing the Voicemail applications data as well.

  • Access your Galaxy S7’s Settings
  • Find and open the Application Manager
  • Scroll to ALL
  • Tap on Voicemail
  • Then, tap Clear data.

Is your Galaxy S7 still showing the voicemail notification? Then, your next step is to contact your service provider. Thanks for reading what to do when Galaxy S7 notification won’t go away here on ORDUH. Also, be sure to check out our battery drain guide and battery replacement guide for the S7.


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