Monster Hunter World Mounting Guide

In this Monster Hunter World mounting guide, you learn how to mount monsters successfully to deal extra damage to large monsters.

With the right mounting mechanics, anyone can increase their chances of mounting a monster. However, before we walk you through the tutorial, you can check out more Monster Hunter: World guides.

What Is Mounting In MHW?

Mounting is when you launch yourself onto a monster’s back and dealing enough damage to knock it over. Usually, a mounted rider’s attacks do not do much – if any – damage, however, a successful mount ends with the possibility to execute a charged attack.

Not only does this do meaningful damage to the area currently being ridden (beneficial if you’re trying to break a specific body part to collect particular material), it also stuns the monster, allowing the rest of the hunting party the opportunity to deal additional damage.

How To Mount A Monster In Monster Hunter World

  • Launch yourself into the air (by running off a high ridge, for example).
  • Attack the monster’s body, head, or tail while airborne.
  • If successful, you initiate a mount.

In other words, to mount a monster, you must attack it with your weapon while you’re in the air. This is a two-step process: first, you need to get above the monster, and secondly, you need to successfully time your attack to connect with its body as you jump toward it.

How To Mount With Insect Glaive

With the Inset Glaive, you only need to vault yourself into the air and deal damage. Eventually, once the amount of damage dealt is sufficient, you will mount the monster.

When you strike a monster while airborne you do “mounting damage“. When you deal enough damage to it, you get to mount it.

After a successful mount, you need to deal increasingly more damage to get to mount the monster once more. Hence, after 1 or 2 mounts, you may have a hard time.

How To Mount With Bow

To mount with a bow you have to use the sidestep charge then triangle (PlayStation 4) and you will perform a lung with an arrow in your hand and have a chance to mount.

On GameFAQs, one user suggests that you “have your bow out and hold L2 to aim then press X and a directional input to do a charging dash and press triangle during it to do a lunging arrow stab that triggers mounting.”

How To Mount With Dual Blades

Just like with other weapons, you need to jump off a cliff with your Dual Blades sheathed, or outside of demon mode. Running or evading off a cliff allows you to make a jump. You can also initiate mounts by sliding (more difficult to achieve).

Mounting Cooldown

There seems to be a cooldown timer between mount attempts; however, this is not specified in the game notes. From what we’ve seen during gameplay, it is less than a minute but it could be more depending on the monster.

On Reddit, users have said that “the threshold increases each time you mount. For example, you need 1 jumping attack to mount. The next mount will then need 2 or 3 jumping attacks and so on.”

Final Advice

The various mounting mechanics in MHW depend on the weapon of choice. Some weapons make mounting monsters easier than others.

Weapons that allow you to mount monsters include the Insect Glaive, Dual Blades, Bow, etc. Please be aware that some monsters are resistant to riding and thus will be more difficult to mount.

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