How To Counter Alistar

How to counter Alistar: Alistar is Support & Tank champion. His kit includes various crow-control abilities that make him a formidable League of Legends champion. In this guide, you learn strategies that help you both counter and decide which are the best champions against him.

How Alistar Works

How To Counter Alistar: Champions

Alistar Black Skin. This image is attached to an article that teaches you how to counter Alistar as a support and in other roles.
Black Alistar


  • Janna has un-Unbreakable Crowd Control to counter Alistar’s engage. Save her Q for when he tries to do so.
  • Have ally tanks and fighters engage him while deploying Monsoon so that he cannot knock Janna out of her channel.


Here’s a quick and easy way on how to counter Alistar as Lulu. The following tip works when countering Alistar Support.

For starters, don’t try to poke Alistar with Q. Instead, level up Lulu’s W and E. To be effective, use W on the enemy ADC as soon as Alistar engages and shield your ADC with E.

This way, you disable the enemy ADC while protecting your ADC. And, you ADC has a small window to deal damage to the enemy ADC.


Alistar is a full Crowd Control champ. As Morgana, you just have to predict when is he going to jump and shield your allies. Or, you can also focus the ADC when Alistar fails all his abilities because he will be on Cooldown.

Alistar in his Sweeper skin. This image is attached to an article that teaches you how to counter Alistar support as Lulu or any other champion.
Sweeper Alistar

Tips For Playing Against Alistar

  • Alistar has a low base movement speed and can be kited very easily.
  • Avoid grouping up when facing an Alistar, especially during the mid and late game. A 3-man Headbutt+ Pulverize combo will often lead to a lost team fight.
  • His basic combo has a very high cooldown; if you can bait it out or if he messes it up, that gives you a long window to harass or engage safely.
  • Items or abilities that apply Grievous Wounds (ex. Morellonomicon, Mortal Reminder, Ignite) counteract the heals from Triumphant Roar.
  • Unbreakable Will is his main source of tankiness, especially in the early to mid-game. Try to play around its cooldown and peel away at his health.
  • Unbreakable Will doesn’t protect against crowd-control applied AFTER it’s activated, so try to save your crowd-control abilities.
  • Unbreakable Will only gives him extra damage resistance. To know To counter Alistar while it is active, think about using champions that can deal true damage, such as Vayne or Darius.
Alistar in his Marauder skin. This image is part of a tutorial that helps you learn how to counter Alistar.
Marauder Alistar

You now have an idea of how to counter Alistar as a Support. By using the tips and tricks, you can come up with an effective strategy for playing against him in any role.

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