Vayne Counters: How To Counter Pick Vayne

Vayne is an ADC champion that also does well in top lane. She can be very mobile and effective against champions that stack health. In this article, we discuss how to effectively counter Vayne.

Best Vayne Counters

  • Caitlyn
  • Quinn
  • Draven
  • Tristana
  • Ashe
  • Corki
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Arclight Vayne

Vayne Counter Picks

Now that you know who counters Vayne, you can finally counter pick Vayne in any matchup. Let’s take you through some tips on how to use a few of these champions who are counters to Vayne. After, there is a general section explaining how to use any LoL champion as counters for Vayne. After all, if you know how to play against Vayne, you can play safely and effectively to defeat Vayne in a lane.


  •  You can poke her every time she wants to kill the minions. Use bushes to stack your passive.
  • Casting your ultimate onto Vayne before she stealths will reveal her, thus allowing your team to collapse onto her if she is trying to make an escape. Be sure you know where Vayne is in the mid and late game and keep bushes trapped or warded.


Use your E to disrupt her so she can’t tumble all around you, and use the slow to land a perfect Whirling Death, hitting both times. Your damage is simply higher, but she can outplay you. So try your best to not let that happen.


Feel free to take advantage in the lane with your vastly superior range and an assortment of slows and lockdowns.

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Soulstealer Vayne

Tips For Playing Against Vayne

  • Try not to stay near walls, as Vayne’s Condemn will stun you if it knocks you back against a wall.
  • If you’re ADC against Vayne. Try to go for early pokes as she gets stronger at level 6. Play aggressive before 6.
  • If Vayne is in a lane with a support with high CC (Blitzcrank, Alistar, Thresh etc.) ask your support to ward the bushes because if they CC you Vayne will “E” you into the wall and that is “kill secure”… Be careful against Vayne even if you counter her.
  • Upgrade the Sweeper Trinket as quickly as possible, and you can reveal her for 8 seconds every 60 seconds as she goes invisible during tumble and her ult.
  • Stop her from CSing as much as possible, ask your jungle to gank quite often. If you get early kills on her and hold off from taking her turret as long as possible (as long as your team doesn’t need to start grouping) it will be hard for her to catch up.
  • While playing support against Vayne, always try and pick Exhaust to counter her. And when you reach level 9, upgrade your red trinket. That will give you an advantage over her ultimate.
  • Choosing someone such as Miss Fortune or Caitlyn who has strong early games can easily deny Vayne from farming as Vayne has a relatively weak early game. Avoid pushing the lane as Vayne’s Tumble makes her an exceptional farmer under turret, and has strong chasing potential.
  • Vayne’s entire kit is focused on dueling and chasing, so deny her the potential to duel with you and her kit will naturally round out late-game when team fights become dominant, where the fights become more stationary and targets become harder to focus.
    • Once Vayne obtains Final Hour at level 6, her dueling potential increases exponentially and she essentially spikes to her mid-game potentially immediately before most other Attack Damage Carries. The Attack Damage and movement speed boosts are huge given how early in the game it is and stealth detection is much harder to afford earlier on. Respect her presence at level 6 if you haven’t pulled a significant advantage over her and avoid dueling her if possible.
  • Vayne is one of the most powerful duelists in the game and is well known and feared as one of the most powerful marksmen if/when she reaches full build. It is critical to keep her early and mid game crippled.
    • Marksmen are usually easy prey to one-burst-wonder assassins, especially Zed and LeBlancVayne is by far not in this category, her ability to carefully move around the battlefield, drain-tank while evading attacks with stealth from Final Hour and bursting/peeling with Condemn makes her complicated to kill by surgical, tactical and careful assassins as she can often prevent their abilities to properly flow for a combo.
      • Lee Sin’s kit provides extreme stealth detection and Cripple shuts down Vayne’s mobility. With the correct build, Lee Sin can usually one-shot Vayne late game.
        • Nunu’s Ice Blast and Absolute Zero also shut down Vayne’s mobility and make her an easy target to focus.
  • Silver Bolts is not that hard to counteract contrary to popular belief.
    • Her Silver Bolts procs rely on her attack speed. Champions with attack speed slows such as Malphite and Nunu can mitigate Vayne’s auto attack and Silver Bolts damage significantly along with having kits that counteract Vayne extremely well.
      • Malphite tends to stack armor to synergize with his Brutal Strikes and his Unstoppable Force has a cast and AoE range that outrange Tumble and CondemnVayne’s relatively high movement speed from Night Hunter and Final Hour also become her undoing thanks to Seismic Shard’s movement speed steal.
    • Frozen Heart is extremely detrimental to Vayne because the armor portion of the item counters her lack of magic damage and the long-ranged -15% attack speed aura is practically unavoidable in team fights. This item is arguably a better option in dealing with Vayne, as it does not provide HP, thus making Silver Bolts less effective.
      • anduin’s Omen is especially useful against Vayne as one proc of slow will cripple her true damage and mobility. Because Vayne relies on her mobility in order to survive in team fights due to her short range, the movement speed slow will make her an easy target to focus. As such, even building an early Warden’s Mail will have noticeable effects against her. Come mid-late game, Randuin’s crit reduction will reduce Vayne’s damage output even further as critical strikes are an important part of her damage.
    • Vayne’s Silver Bolts do not account for shields when calculating the percent of maximum HP so abilities such as Granite Shield and Titan’s Wrath are extremely strong against her.
    • The same case goes for lifesteal and high health regeneration; if the target’s life bar isn’t noticeably large but is constantly renewed from either high lifesteal or abilities such as Sadism, the damage from Silver Bolts becomes significantly less noticeable.
    • Battling her only in team fights forces her to switch targets, resulting in fewer Silver Bolts procs.
    • Teemo can completely shutdown Vayne’s true damage output with the help of Blinding Dart, especially by surprising her with Guerrilla Warfare. This is even more useful if Vayne’s Condemn is recently used due to its fairly long cooldown.
  • Mages with targeted burst damage/crowd controls such as LeBlanc or Ryze can easily dispatch Vayne as her mobility and Tumble are primarily anti-skillshot oriented. Targeted abilities that apply targeted hard crowd control such as Warwick’s Infinite Duress Infinite Duress and Malzahar’s Nether Grasp prevents Vayne from retaliating with her mobility and lifesteal resulting in an easy kill.
    • Ryze is especially effective because Frozen Heart is a core item in his build and his Rune Prison shuts down Vayne’s mobility and Tumble, which also shuts down her stealth when Final Hour is active.
  • It’s recommended not to fight Vayne in the jungle as there are more walls for her to stun with Condemn.
  • Taking a Control Ward with you is useful against Final Hour as her stealth will be useless, shutting down her primary method of reaching squishier targets of interest. Oracle Alteration also helps detect Vayne albeit to a lesser extent.
  • Vayne can be a very powerful top laner against tanks, so when you see your enemy pick Vayne, especially if the enemy team has already selected another marksman, ask your jungler to pick a tank just in case she decides to go top so you can pick a damage top laner who can fare against or even kill Vayne.
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Dragonslayer Vayne

By using the champions who counter Vayne and the LoL Vayne counter tips above, you can now develop a strategy to help you, as a summoner, become an effective counter to Vayne players.

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