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4shared Music APK/APP: The 4shared Music APK/APP is a free MP3 downloader app developed by New IT Solutions.The 4shared Music APP allows users to download free music on their Android smartphones. The convenient public search option allows you to search for and find the file you need within the massive 4shared file database. It’s also simple to define various search filters (upload time, size, type of file, etc.) to get the best results and add the necessary file to your account at 4shared.com.


4shared for Android enables:

  • Fast and convenient access to 30,000,000+ files.
  • User-friendly search within massive 4shared database with an option to instantly add the found files to your account.
  • A possibility to manage your account at 4shared.com, listen to music and even watch videos directly on your Android device.
  • Instant sharing of files from your 4shared account via the app.


  • New! Ability to download file preview instead of original file to save bandwidth
  • Improved UI: Download features
  • Instant access to all downloaded files
  • “Rename file” option for downloads
  • Optimized image preview
  • Ability to view local files

If you like multitasking, then the 4Shared app is perfect for you. The principal feature that steals the hearts of millions is the easy sign-up process and simple ways to manage your account. The app is fully responsive and has a user-friendly interface. Once you've signed up for the app, you instantly get 15GB  of free cloud storage. You can use this storage space to store/save your favorite MP3 downloads and, of course, play the saved music to your heart's content at any time.

About 4Shared Music

4sharedMusic is an app made by the same developers of 4shared (one of the most valuable cloud storage services) to download and listen to other users' music and also share your own. 4sharedMusic works in a very simple way. Each user has 15GB that can be used to upload the music you want to your account. If you have an album on your Android device's memory, you can easily upload it to the cloud to free up some space.

On the other hand, 4shared Music also lets you access music other users have uploaded to their accounts, and of course, they can also hear your music. To do this, just type the name of the artist or song you're looking for into the integrated search tool. 4shared Music is an excellent app for listening to music, letting you stream as well as download it to your phone. And you can share your music tastes, too, with the more than 12 million users of the platform.

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4shared Music is a perfect tool for people who can't imagine their life without music. As the name of this application suggests -- it's all about music. How would you like to have instant access to millions of tracks anytime and anywhere you want? With 4shared Music, you can stream any track with no need to download anything to your phone at all!


Download the latest version of 4shared Music APK/APP

There are two ways to download 4shared Music APK/APP::

  1. Via Google Play Store for free, you do not need root access to run this app. However, you might not get the latest version here.
  2. The apk is also available via various online sources. Of course, you'd need to allow 3rd party installations on your Android device.

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Today is party time for Android users. Yeah, go ahead, open up a beer or two to celebrate the arrival of 4shared Mobile for Android! Search and browse millions of videos, music, pics, books, wallpapers and ringtones for your entertainment on 4shared.com! Share your favorite files with your friends too! Manage your files by creating folders and separate your stuff the way you like it, add files to your list of favorites for quick access, upload files and folders to your 4shared account from your phone!

4shared Music Download

You can download the latest version of the 4Shared App on Google Play which gives you access to music and so much more! Download 4Shared APP. Or you can find the download links on the 4Shared Website here. The latest version of the 4Shared Music App/Apk is here - Download 4Shared Music APK. Thanks for reading our 4shared Music review.

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