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Free music downloads: Yes, that's right. This article shows music lovers how to download MP3's of their favorite songs to Android smartphones as well as from the desktop or laptop computers. Given that online streaming has become the norm, many users have asked, "where can I download free music?" 

For web surfers with the same question, this article outlines the 3 best free music download apps for Android devices. It also provides information on free MP3 music download sites for your general knowledge. The article begins with the Android MP3/Music Downloader applications list. It then moves into the Free Music Download Websites. You may use the table of contents below to navigate to your specific section of interest.

Free Music Downloads For Android Cell Phones

Before we begin, it is important to note that MP3 files can sometimes occupy a lot of space on your devices internal or external storage. It is always wise to save or download free music to the external storage and ensure that you have a large enough micro sd card to support the download. A memory card with 32 Gigabytes storage capacity is enough for most music aficionados. However, you can always upgrade to a larger capacity if you find that you are running out of space. Before you do so, ensure that your device can support the larger capacity.

Things to Consider When Downloading Free Music

There are hundreds of thousands of apps on the Google Play Store that promise free music downloads on your Android smartphones or tablets. Many of these apps are filled with adverts, spam, viruses and other annoying features. In the end, you are left with an extra install on your device, lots of pop-ups and no free MP3 download. In this list of Best Android Apps for Free Music Downloads, rest assured that each has been checked for quality and usefulness.  They do exactly what they say they do, allow users to download MP3 music for free on their Android device. Let's get to the list!

Best Music Downloader App For Android

As promised, we'll kick off our list of the 3 best apps for downloading free MP3 music onto your Android smartphone or tablet. Have a look at each and select your preferred app.

4shared Music – Best Android App for Free Music Downloads

4shared Music is the first app on the list of best music download apps. You might be wondering why it is the number one music downloader for android.  To begin, the vast amount of music in its library of free music is nearly unmatched. Yes, the app has access to most of your favorite hits available for free download. It is by far the best android music downloader. Unlike most apps, 4Shared allows users to search its huge database of files and automatically filters the searches to display only MP3 files. You can read more about the 4Shared App and Download here.

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Music Paradise Pro

Music Paradise Pro is just what the name suggests. A paradise for music! The search option is intuitive and user-friendly with filters for genres and artists. Music Paradise pro makes finding songs easier and mp3 download even simpler. You can listen to music via download or streaming. Any song free of charge. Find music or a royalty-free song with ease. You can read more about the app and find download links here.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a music streaming service and online music locker operated by Google. Users with standard accounts can upload and listen to up to 50,000 songs from their personal libraries at no cost. An "All Access" subscription, sold in combination with YouTube Red for US$9.99 per month, entitles users to on-demand streaming of any song in the Google Play Music catalog for their geographical region and the ability to create custom radio stations. Users can purchase additional tracks for their library through the music store section of Google Play. In addition to offering music streaming for Internet-connected devices, the Google Play Music mobile app allows music to be stored and listened to offline. Via Wikipedia. You can get the app here.

Video: Google Play Music Tutorial

This is the official Google Music Play Tutorial from DEVPROCB.COM. This covers the very beginning of first getting up and running with Google Music, and how to set up playlists, stream audio, share playlists, embed playlists on your website and more. It covers the advantage of the newest system with android phones as well. We also cover some of the benefits and pitfalls of the service. Correction in Video ** Downloads Can be synced by all devices that can access the google music library. Wanted to make that distinction.

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Free Music Download Sites

In this section, we want to go through and explore ten of the best sites for legal and free mp3 downloads. You can use these websites from your computer or mobile phone. Here are the sites that can help you in finding free music to listen to anywhere.

Free Kids Music

As for free music download sites, our first is a website that features kid’s music. After all, finding free music for your kids is also a priority. On the Free Kids Music website, you can sort artists alphabetically. Also, there is a separate category for traditional music, where you find songs such as My Bonnie, Amazing Grace, Kumbaya, and more.

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Free Kids Music Website is popular free mp3 music download site that has an extensive archive of free music downloads. For example, you find streaming music from artists like Linkin Park, Eminem, and even The Beatles. It takes a while to learn how to search for specific tracks but once you figure it out, it'ss smooth sailing from there.

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Free Music Downloader


Eptonic provides curated free mp3 downloads and a web-based audio stream. There are also artist profiles and reviews. By creating an account, you can also set up individual playlists on the website.

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