How To Disable Galaxy S9 Bloatware

Samsung’s Galaxy S series are high-performance smartphones. However, many carriers tend to pack them with bloatware and unwanted applications. The bloatware on the Galaxy S9 is no different. Even Samsung has a few bloatware and pre-installed apps. In this article, we discuss ways to remove or turn off built-in apps on your Samsung Galaxy S9.

How to Turn Off Built-in Apps on Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9

How To Uninstall Samsung Galaxy S9 Pre-installed Apps

  • Firstly, open the Settings app on your Galaxy S9.
  • Then, scroll down and select Apps.
  • A list of installed applications appear.
  • Tap the bloatware app.
  • Tap uninstall.

Lastly, do you see the option “Uninstall“? Then, simply tap it to completely remove the app from your S9. However, not all pre-installed apps allow you to uninstall them. Often times, the only option is to “Disable” the app. When you disable an app, it removes it from the app drawer. Also, it deletes all cached data from that app. This frees up space on your Galaxy S9.

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