Best Screen Recorder For Mac PCs

I’m a Windows gamer. In Windows 10, I think that the default screen grabber does a good job. However, I recently bought a MacBook and, while there are many ways to take screenshots, I did not know how to record videos of the screen. I needed extra software. So, if you’re like me, owner of a Mac and need a screen recorder, here are the best screen recorders for Mac PCs.

Camtasia | Screen Video Capture For Mac

Undoubtedly one of the best screen recording software for Mac PCs is Camtasia. Although, it does come at a price. For $199, a rather steep price if you’re just a casual video editor, you get a studio-level recording software. Editing and mixing are easy on the layered timeline. There is even a simple drag and drop editor.  Several visual effects including animations, music, and captions. Best of all, you can add yourself into any video using the green screen mode. Have a look at the video below for an intro. Check out their website for pricing.

Snagit | Screen Grabber For Mac

According to Wikipedia, Snagit is a screenshot program that captures video display and audio output. Originally for the Microsoft Windows operating systems, recent versions have also been available for Mac OS, but with fewer features. Luckily, the makers of Snagit are the same makers of Camtasia. If Camtasia is too pricey, then Snagit is a good fallback. It only costs about $50.  It is not the best recording software for Mac. However, it is just as reliable as the first option on the list. It has fewer features than Camtasia but just enough for everyday screen grabbing and editing. And, if you buy it, you won’t need to learn all the ways to take a screenshot on your Mac. Check out pricing and features on their web page


ScreenFlow is a screen recording, screencasting, and video editing software for Mac OS X. ScreenFlow is yet another paid screen grabber that offers a professional level interface. The software allows you to capture and record most anything. It even provides partial screen captures. And, though the interface is professional grade, the learning curve is not that high. Attractive features include built-in transitions, annotations, text, audio & video filters. There is also multi-channel audio mixing, chroma key, screen recording highlights, callouts (mouse, window, freehand) and too many features to list. There is a free trial or $99

Snapz Pro X

If you do tutorial videos or the likes, then Snapz Pro X is an excellent MacBook video editor in that regard. The program costs $69 and offers a free trial. It records movie-like screenshots of a computer monitor. And, if you just want to take a screen shot it can take those as .bmp, .pict, .gif, .jpg, .png, .tiff, .pdf, or Photoshop files. Scale, crop, do a color depth change and dither your capture. Moreover, you can overlay watermarks/copyright notices on any of your screen grabs. Check out the software here


Jing is a screen grabber software that takes a picture or video of your computer screen and uploads it to the Web, FTP, computer or clipboard. The manufacturers of Camtasia and SnagIt manufactured Jing. However, Jing is free screen recorder. Jing is pretty basic. It can add basic visual elements to you captures, but that’s about it. Get it at


VLC seems to appear everywhere these days. It made our list of top iTunes alternatives, it’s on the list of best video players for Windows, and it is the top AVI player for Android. So, it comes as no surprise that the versatile media player doubles as a screen recorder. The option for screen recording is in the file menu. Click open capture device and start screen grabbing. You can adjust audio input, frame rate, and other minor adjustments.  Get VLC for free at


Monosnap is a free screenshot program for Mac OS X and Windows. The program allows users to create screenshots, annotate them and upload them to the cloud. It records videos at 60fps. Moreover, if you want to record screen and audio at the same time, it records both webcam video and microphone audio. Monosnap is another barebones screen grabbing app for map, and it is free at

What do you think of these screen video capture for Mac? Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading Top Screen Recorders For Mac | Best Screen Recorder For OS X on ORDUH! Share the list with your friends.

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