Top 6 Torrent Clients For Downloading Torrents

Without a torrent client, we can’t download torrents we find on torrent websites. Right now, Windows has uTorrent. But, there are clients for Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Here are the best torrent clients for downloading torrents.

6 Best Torrent Clients

An image of different torrent clients. Image part of an article that details the 6 best torrent clients available for Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and iOS.


When we talked about a good uTorrent alternative, qBittorent topped the list. It’s a free torrent client that’s easy to use. And, it does not have any annoying ads. Moreover, it runs quietly in the background without using up your PC’s resources.

While I do like the torrent program on a whole, I’d like it to have more extensions to better the functionality. But, it’s one of the few open source BitTorrent clients. I can try to make a few plugins.


Whether you want to believe it or not, uTorrent is still one of the best torrent clients. I like that you can still create torrents for free with the client. But, I am not a fan of all the ads.

And, let’s not forget the ad-ware. You’d think that you’re only installing a torrent client but the install has add-ons that you don’t need. Be sure to check and read what you install.

I also do not like that there’s no built-in search function. But, I must say that they release timely updates to fix any bugs. There’s also a torrent app for Android smartphones as well.


I like lightweight programs. And, Deluge is definitely one of the most lightweight torrenting programs. The interface is simple to understand but it’s still a powerful tool.

There is no adware. It integrates nicely with Google Chrome and Firefox. Hence, downloading torrents is as easy as 2 clicks. And, it’s free to use.

I don’t like the lack of plugins. And, for beginners, and those of you accustomed to uTorrent or qBittorent, the interface can be challenging.


I know. BitTorrent owns uTorrent. But, offer both clients for use. And, there are some differences. For example, BitTorrent offers web-based seeding, commenting, and reviewing.

Also, there are private trackers that work with BitTorrent but not uTorrent. However, the free version shows ads. Too many ads if you ask me.


Another free to use torrent downloader is Vuze. It also offers an app for Android smartphones. I like that there are lots of plugins to choose from and there are social sharing features as well.

Vuze like the other torrent clients works on MacOS and Windows. It also supports media playback. There are advanced features but you have to pay an annual fee.


The best torrent client for Mac is Transmission BitTorrent client.It’s really easy to use and if you just want to download torrents, this is the client for you.

There aren’t a lot of features to talk about and there are a few ads (though not as many as other clients). It’s free to use, lightweight, and works on Windows as well.

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That’s a wrap on my pick for the best torrent clients that you can use to share files with friends or download content that your friends share. Remember to be aware of what or from whom you download.

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