Best Torrent Sites 2019

What are the most popular torrent sites this year? In 2018, The Pirate Bay leads at the top of the torrent websites list. But, there are many Pirate Bay alternatives that come in on the list. Here are the best torrenting sites in 2018.

Top Torrent Sites Of 2018


The Pirate Bay is a classic and the best torrent website around. However, the most important factor is that many internet users trust the files downloaded from the site.

Form movies, TV shows, games, music, books and more, TPB has it all. It’s also one of the longest running torrent download sites on the list.


Do you love P2P? Then, RARBG is one of the few torrent sites that offer high quality, high-resolution torrents.

It’s among the best movie torrenting sites on the list. However, with regard to quantity, it may not have as large a library as the other BitTorrent sites. But, the quality of the videos is superb.


1337X is popular for games and software. And, while the amount of torrents is not as extensive as others, it does have a team of dedicated uploaders who try to provide the latest content.


Torrentz2 is supposedly the remake of the Torrentz. eu site. However, the site only lists hashes at the moment and it does not link out to alternative torrent sites.

It’s free, it’s fast, and it has on of the best torrent searches on the internet. Currently, it indexed over 61 million torrents.


YTS.AG torrents are high quality and legitimate. If you are familiar with the YTS or YIFY group, then this site is a rip off of their “brand”. All’s fair in the game of online piracy, right?


EZTV.AG releases a few TV shows torrents here and there. But, due to the controversy surrounding the management, it’s blacklisted by most torrenting sites.


With nearly a decade in the business, LIMETORRENTS has a massive database of files from which to search.

And, for what its worth, their sister site is the torrent cache iTorrents. Both are great in terms of content.


NYAA.SI is a dedicated anime torrent site. That’s all there is at the website. So, if you’re into Anime then NYAA is a good resource.


It’s a meta-search engine. This means that it’s like a search provider. Hence, you can search for a torrent and it returns links to torrent files and magnet links from other torrent sites.


With over three million  verified torrents, there is no reason why these guys should not be on the list.

Users like the size of ZOOQLE’s database and the fact that there is a lot of legitimate files. has one of the best user interfaces when it comes to torrent websites. You can easily find the latest movies, TV Shows, music, games and more.

Torlock also claims to verify each torrent for safety and deletes ones that does not meet their standards.

Legal Disclaimer

ORDUH does not condone illegal sharing of copyrighted material. While P2P file sharing technology is completely legal, many of the files traded through P2P are copyrighted.

Hence, you never use the websites to download or upload copyrighted material. This may lead to you being sued or arrested. The list is published as an informational / news resource.

Some users try to mask their activity by changing their DNS servers, using VPNs, or web browsers like Tor. Some even try to download torrents on iPhones etc. However, it is still illegal to trade copyrighted material in this manner.

Always use legitimate sources like YouTube, Showtime, Amazon Video, or Netflix & Hulu to view copyrighted shows/movies. Only use the torrenting websites to get open source software and material that’s in the public domain.

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