Is It Ok To Use Any Charger With My Phone or Tablet?

Is it ok to use any charger with my phone or tablet? Are all Samsung chargers the same? Are all micro USB chargers the same? Will using a different charger ruin my iPhone? These are just a few questions we get via email with regard to charging smartphones. So, this article sets out to clarify a few things about chargers and smartphones.

It is not uncommon to have multiple USB chargers and cables in one home. After an upgrade or replacement of one cell phone, you more than likely hold onto the last charger head and cable. Hence, you might use your Galaxy S7 charger to charge your Galaxy S8. How about charging your iPad with your iPhone charger? Did you ever stop to wonder, Can I use any charger with my phone or tablet?

Are All Samsung Chargers The Same?

Are all Samsung chargers compatible? Yes! All Samsung chargers are compatible. To clarify, once your smartphone is post-2007, yes, it works with any charger. All modern Samsung chargers are the same and can charge any Samsung phone made after 2007. Thank your manufacturers for agreeing on a standard USB charging mode. Hence, any phone and tablet with a USB charger can be used interchangeably between devices without any A Samsung device that supports Battery Charging Specification 1.1 or above detects and manages the amount of power supplied to the device and adapts accordingly.

Are All Micro USB Chargers The Same?

Yes! The same applies. You are free to use any of your USB chargers included with your phone or tablet with any other phone or tablet made after 2007 without fear of damaging your battery. This means that you can use your Motorola charger to charge your Samsung phone. Or, charge your Motorola phone with your Asus phone’s charger.

Can I use Apple Charger For Samsung?

Yes! You can charge iPad devices with a Samsung charger. Of course, you can’t connect the cable by traditional means but we mean the adapter. Using a different charger does not mess up your iPhone or Samsung. So long as they were manufactured after 2007, you won’t ruin your iPhone or Samsung smartphone.

You can use a charger with a USB-C connector with an adapter to an iPhone, or Micro-USB connector without any issues. You can even the old 30-pin iPhone charger and cable with an adapter to convert to USB-C without a problem.

Advice On Cheap Replacement Chargers

Don’t do it! Always go for chargers from trusted brands. Buy from brand names like Belkin, Monster, or the company that manufactured your device (Samsung, Apple, Asus, Sony). Why? Research shows that chargers from known brands perform better and are more reliable. Don’t believe? Even Amazon had to place a ban on cheap chargers being sold on

The Old Standard

The old standard did not allow for interchanging chargers. Sadly, many people, including us here at ORDUH, advised against interchanging chargers. However, the new standard allows you too. So, if you read articles telling you to only use the charger that ships with your device, drop them a comment and point them to this article. Hopefully, they do a bit of research and update their articles (we have quite a few to update ourselves). All micro USB phone chargers are the same as of 2007.

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