LG G4 Keeps Restarting and Freezing. How To Fix It?

Help! My LG G4 keeps restarting by itself? What do I do? Does your LG G4 keep freezing? Does your LG G4 reboot by itself? If your LG G4 turns off and won’t turn back on, then read this post for help.

If you LG G4 suddenly starts rebooting, the first thing to do is check that your warranty is still valid. Is your warranty still valid? Yes? Then, take that defective LG G4 back and get a new one!

However, if your warranty is no longer valid, here’s what you can do. Be sure to take the smartphone to a repair shop if needed.

What To Do If My LG G4 Keeps Restarting Randomly?

Firstly, did you recently install a new application? Have you just performed a software update? Did you check to see if there are any updates available?

Have you checked storage space or RAM usage? By RAM, I mean memory. You know, like on a computer. Yes? Hmm, let me explain each of these aspects in detail.

Check Recently Installed Apps

If you recently installed a new app, there’s a chance that it may interfere with your LG G4’s performance. How? Perhaps, there is an error in the app’s coding. Moreover, you LG G4 may not be compatible with the app.

Check that an app is not the reason why your LG G4 randomly restarts. Disable each app one by one. Each time, check to see if your LG G4 reboots on its own. Be sure to check for unwanted apps.

If the device does not restart, then you know that an app was the cause. Do not re-enable the app. Furthermore, delete the app from the smartphone. However, if you still experience random reboots, continue to the next troubleshooting tip.

Recently Installed Updates

Additionally, recently installed updates may cause issues with your LG G4. Did the random restarting start after a software update? Yes? Then, there are two things you can do.

Firstly, try to reinstall the update by performing a hard reset. Perhaps the new update did not install correctly. If you have valuable data, be sure to backup your contacts and other critical data.

Once the reset completes, verify that the problem no longer exists. Is everything working normally? Yes? Then, Awesome! No? Then, try the next tip.

Install Updates

Secondly, check that your device is up to date. Similar to above, if your device runs on old firmware or software you ought to update. When you update, you get the latest security and performance upgrades.

Head over to the settings section and check for updates. If there are updates, install them. If not, then something else is interfering with your LG G4’s functionality.

Check Storage Space & Memory

If your LG G4 freezes indefinitely, the chances are that there are memory and storage space issues. Uninstall any apps that you do not use. Delete photos and videos or transfer them to an external source. The same goes for music files.

An LG G4 that has limited space and memory will experience crashes, freezes and random restarts. Be sure that you always have enough space and that background apps and features do not hog your RAM resources.

Also, background apps and the likes drain your battery and may cause overheating. Be sure to read how to troubleshoot LG G4 battery drain and overheating issues.

Final Advice

If you are still experiencing freezes, crashes, and reboots, then there’s something to know and consider. LG acknowledged that this is a common problem with the LG G4.

They said in a statement that “LG Electronics has been made aware of a booting issue with the LG G4 smartphone has now been identified as resulting from a loose contact between components.”

Moreover, LG will only repair your device if it is still under warranty. So, if you own the device and the warranty ended, your best chance is to buy a new smartphone. However, if one of our tips helped you, then that is AWESOME!

Alternatively, you can go to the extreme and try to repair the faulty device at your risk. Several YouTube videos are showing how to do this. Check out one of these videos after the bullet points! You will need a repair kit.

Bullet Points

  • If you have not already had the problem, it may manifest later, depending on usage
  • A manufacturing defect causes the problem
  • LG only repairs phones still under warranty

Video: LG G4 Bootloop Fix | How I Unbricked it.


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