Play Music From Phone To Car: Connect Android To Car Radio

Do you want to connect an Android device to your car stereo? Yes, you can do so and play music from your phone to your vehicle. There are several methods to choose from, and, this article outlines how to connect Android to car radio systems.

Auxiliary Jack

You can play music in your automobile via the auxiliary port with an auxiliary jack. Most cars these days feature an auxiliary audio jack. Normally, this jack is near or on the stereo. To listen to music via the jack, connect your Android to the stereo via the cable. Then, change the radio setting to AUX. You can now play your tunes from your phone to the car audio.

However, if you don’t want cables to get in the way. You may also opt to use a Bluetooth receiver.  Plug the receiver into the AUX jack and Voila! You non-Bluetooth car now supports Bluetooth.

USB Port

For the most part, you can USB connect to car stereo via a USB cord or play music from a USB drive. For cars that have a USB port, just connect the device via USB and your vehicle’s stereo ought to automatically connect and find the music files to play. However, the data must be physically stored on the Android.


For cars that have built-in Bluetooth, the process is even easier to do. Here’s what to do to play music via Bluetooth in your vehicle:

  • Go to “Settings” > “Network Connections.”
  • Make your Android “discoverable” or “visible.”
  • Set your car stereo to find the device, enter the PIN if prompted.
  • Once everything connects, play all of your music or make phone calls wirelessly.

FM Transmitter

Lastly, you may use an FM TransmitterAn FM Transmitter broadcasts audio from your Android over FM frequencies. It allows you to listen to music through a selected radio station on your car stereo. The Belkin TuneCast is a good buy. It also charges your phone.

Great! You’ve learned how to play music from your phone to your car. Thanks for reading on ORDUH! Let us know if you need any help!

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