How To Use Twitter Search Effectively

Twitter search is a powerful tool that many of us underestimate. There are several advanced search filters that you can use to refine your search results. So, if you want to find tweets tailored to your interests, use these operations to help you. In this article, we teach you how to use filters to find specific tweets, sensitive content, tweets with images, etc.

How To Search Twitter

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Twitter Search Functions For Effectively Searching Twitter

The first Twitter search operator allows you to search for tweets from a specific person or organization. In other words, you can search for all tweets sent by a particular Twitter userThe operator is from: Hence, if you type from:MariahCarey  page of all tweets from Mariah Carey returns.

how to search twitter

from: operation on Twitter

Likewise, you can use filter:verified to find Tweets from verified accounts. For example, you may type filter:verified iPhone X to find all tweets mentioning Apple’s iPhone X from verified accounts (blue tick accounts).

search twitter with advanced operation filter verified

Search Twitter with advanced operation filter:verified

Furthermore, with the filter:replies function, you can show tweets that are replies. Moreover, you can use exclude:replies to remove @reply tweets from the search results. For example, Samsung Galaxy S8 filter:replies brings up a page of results containing replies mentioning the Samsung Galaxy S8.

how do I search twitter like a pro

Twitter Advanced Search Filter:replies

Another useful function is the filter:retweets. This one shows tweets that are retweets. Also, you can use exclude:retweets to remove RTs from search results. For example, Game of Thrones filter:retweets displays search results with retweets mentioning Game of Thrones.

Have you ever wanted to search for tweets sent to someone? For this, you use to: For example, if you search for to:MariahCarey you get a list of tweets sent to Mariah Carey.

twitter search tips

Twitter search tips to become a better “searcher”

Other Useful Twitter Search Functions

You can also extend the filter’s functionality by adding -filter:links. Hence, when you type to:MariahCarey -filter:links, it returns a search results page with tweets to Mariah Carey that do not contain links.

Perhaps one of the most useful features for millennials would be the YouTube filter. By typing min_faves:100, you get to see YouTube videos on Twitter that gained more than 100 favorites. A good filter for finding popular videos on Twitter.

You can also use the filter to find recent Tweets that have a minimum number of retweets about a particular topic. For example, earthquake min_retweets:10 returns search results that mention an earthquake a within the last 10 minutes.

Even More Twitter Search Operations

  • iPhone near:NY within:10mi
    Tweets sent by users within a 10-mile radius of New York containing iPhone
  • #foodrecipe lang:en
    Tweets sent in a particular language (en = English)
  • iPhone Reviews since:2016-04-01 until:2016-04-09
    Tweets sent in a particular time range (may not work with Twitter APIs)
  • YouTube good OR amazing OR awesome filter:links
    Tweets containing YouTube videos that are described as awesome or amazing
  • #Emmys filter:images
    Show tweets for a particular hashtag but containing images
  • Barack Obama filter:news
    Show only tweets that mention a keyword and contain links to news websites
  • from:john to:peter -RT
    Tweets from user @John that @mention user @Peter but exclude Retweets
  • family games filter:safe
    Filter tweets containing adult or potentially sensitive content
  • tornado filter:media
    Show tornado tweets containing images or videos
  • music concert filter:native_video
    Show tweets that contain native video (uploaded inside tweet)

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Twitter and try out some of these operators and see the results that you really want without having to search through the clutter.

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