How to Configure iPhone Text Message Forwarding

One of the cool features of iOS is text message forwarding. When you receive an SMS on one iOS device, a mirror message appears on other iOS devices. For example, say I send you a text on your iPhone 7 then that message appears on your iPad too.

However, to use the SMS forwarding on your iPhones, they must connect to the same Apple ID. Additionally, for iPad and Mac, you must add an email address to iMessage and use FaceTime with your Apple ID.

Is text message forwarding not showing up? Then, here are some troubleshooting tips. Also, of course, we show you how to activate the iPhone text forwarding to another phone feature.

Things to Know About SMS Forwarding

  • There is no need for Bluetooth connection for Text Message Forwarding to work.
  • Moreover, the iOS devices need not be on the same network connection. The only requirement is an active connection.
  • Must activate iMessages
  • Must link an email address with iMessagees
  • You may enable the feature on as many devices as you like.

How to Enable Text Message Forwarding on iOS devices

Firstly, as always make sure your iPhone and the other device are functional. I mean, be sure they have sufficient battery life. Got that? Great!

Go to the settings section on your iPhone. Then, head to the section marked messages. Select send & receive. In the submenu that appears, select “Use your Apple ID for iMessage.”

Have you already signed into your account? If not, enter your Apple ID and password. Once complete, you may now associate your iMessage account with an email address as well as your number.

After selecting an email address, head back to the iMessage settings, there you select Text Message Forwarding. Once selected, the messages app on your iPad or Mac opens. A verification code appears like a wild Pokémon! I know right!

Note the code. Alternatively, just type it into your iPhone immediately. Voila! You successfully activated Text Message Forwarding on your iOS devices.

Bullet Points: SMS Forwarding on iPhone/iPad

  • Go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive and select “Use your Apple ID for iMessage.”
  • Enter your Apple ID username and password.
  • You can now use Then iOS iMessage with an email associated with your Apple ID.
  • Select an email address to enable it and then choose Next.
  • Back in the iMessage settings, select Text Message Forwarding.
  • Messages on the Mac or iPad opens automatically and creates a one-time verification code.

Video: iPhone / iPad Messages App – Text Message Forwarding

Aww! My writing style sucks! I know! However, I still got you! Here’s a video to show you exactly how to turn on Text Message Forwarding.

This video shows how a non-cellular iPad or iPod Touch can receive SMS message. The SyncSisters show you how to setup Text Message Forwarding from your iPhone using Apple’s Continuity feature.

Also, learn how to identify the difference between an Apple iMessage and a non-Apple text message. Ready? Check out the video!

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