How To Print Black & White On Mac

You have a document in color. How do you print it in black and white? Is there a feature on Mac for this? Do you need to install an app? Luckily, grayscale or black and white printing is easy on your MacNo need for extra software. All you need is a compatible printer. Compatible printer? Believe it or not, not all printers support black and white printing.

How To Print Grayscale/Black & White Mac

  • With the document open, click the file menu.
  • Then, click Print.
  • The print options window opens.
  • Click Show details (if available).

The steps vary from here on out. It all depends on the type of printer you own. For example, a Black & White toggle on the Print Options window, If so, click the toggle and print your document or image. However, you may need to check for the option in the menu below Orientation.

  • Click the menu.
  • Then, choose Printer Settings.
  • Also, it may be Paper/Type Quality (it depends on your printer).
  • Then, a different set of options appear.
  • Look for color.
  • Then, in the drop-down menu, choose Black or Grayscale, or the option that allows Black and White printing.

Lastly, please note that the fields’ names vary depending on the printer model. Some printers use Mono or Black Cartridge Only to mean Grayscale or Black and White. Furthermore, the settings menu layout may change based on your printer mode as well.

How To Create Black & White Print Preset

  • Click on the Preset drop-down at the top of the Print Options window.
  • Then, Choose Save Current Settings as Preset
  • Type a name for the preset settings.
  • Choose if you want to save it for the current printer or all printers.
  • Finally, Click save.

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