How To Set Google As Default Search On Safari

Google is the most popular search engine. Many people use it. Many people love it. However, sometimes, Google is not the default search engine on your favorite browser. For example, on Safari, you have to make the change manually. On Safari 8, the option was a simple click in the search bar. But, on Safari 9 and later, you have to do one of the following. Safari is the default browser on iOS and MacOS.

Set Default Search Engine In Safari Preferences

  • Firstly, open Safari on your Mac/iPhone.
  • Click the Safari menu.
  • Then, click Preferences.
  • Click the Search option.
  • Then, pick the search engine you prefer (Google).
  • Lastly, close the Preferences window. That’s it!

Set Google As Search Engine On Safari

A quicker way to change to Google Search is via the address bar. You know. Space where you type the website URL. Here’s what to do.

  • Open Safari.
  • Click on the address bar.
  • Do NOT type anything.
  • Instead, press the spacebar.
  • A drop-down menu pops up.
  • Select Google as the preferred search engine.

Lastly, when you use any of the methods above, the change is permanent. Hence, you do not need to make the change every time you launch Safari. You may change it at any time to suit your needs.

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