How To Display Keystrokes On MacOS Screen

We always look for ways to improve our productivity. I do video tutorials and sometimes I find it useful to show keystrokes on my MacBook’s screen. This helps viewers follow along better at certain parts and it helps me to work better.

You too can display keystrokes on your MacOS computer. However, you need to use a software, Keycastr. Don’t worry. It’s free! And, there’s a video guide at the end to help you install it.

Install Keycastr

  • Firstly, head over to Keycastr on Github.
  • Download Keycastr on your Mac.
  • Then, open System Preferences and go to Privacy & Security settings.
  • In the privacy tab, choose Accessibility (in the column to the left).
  • Lastly, click the + button (at the bottom) and add Keycastr.

Set Up Keycastr

  • Once you add Keycastr, launch the app
  • Click the Display tab.
  • Here, set the font size.
  • Then, choose how long after you type before the keys pop up on your screen.
  • Also, choose how long the keystrokes stay on the display.
  • Lastly, customize the other settings to your liking and save the settings.

Show Keystrokes

Once you complete the setup, keystrokes start to appear on your Mac’s screen as per your preferences. You can control where the keys appear on screen by clicking and dragging the pop up.

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