How To Change Snapchat Username

The username on an existing Snapchat account cannot be changed. The official support document from Snapchat states: “For security reasons, it is currently not possible to change the username of an existing account. If you wish, you may delete your account and create a new one.” Therein lies the workaround. In this article, we teach you how to change your Snapchat username.

How To Change Username On Snapchat


  • Open the Snapchat application
  • Head over to your profile by pressing the Snapchat Logo at the top of the screen
  • Tap on the settings icon and then log out of the Snapchat app
  • Once logged out, tap on sign up
  • Here, fill out the details and be sure to use a different email (you can change it later)
  • On the same screen choose the new username
  • Once sign up completes, re-add all your friends.

You can use your address book to add users that already have a Snapchat account. People using Snapchat have a Snapchat username under their name instead of a phone number. Once you finish adding contacts, continue as follows:

Sign out and log back into your old Snapchat account and tap on the Snapchat icon.

  • Tap on My Friends.
  • Note the usernames of the people who have not been added to your new account.
  • Log in to your new account and add the missed contacts manually.
  • Finally, delete your old Snapchat account.

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