How To Charge Apple Pencil

With the release of the new iPad Pro came a brand new Apple Pencil. Your old 1st Gen Apple Pencil is not compatible with the new iPad Pro. Nor is the new 2nd Gen Apple Pencil compatible with your older iPad Pro. And, the charging mechanisms are different for both. No matter the case here’s how to charge your Apple Pencil.

How To Charge 1st Generation Apple Pencil

The first-generation is round and glossy and has a capped top. However, the second-generation has a more blocky design with a matte finish. The new model has an unccaped top.

Option 1

The easiest way to charge your Gen 1 Apple Pencil is by plugging it directly into your iPad Pro. It takes anywhere between 15-30 minutes to fully charge your Apple Pencil in this way.

Option 2

Another way to charge the original Apple pencil is by using a Lightning cable. There’s a female-to-female Lightning adapter that came with your 1st Generation Apple Pencil that allows you to do so.

Attach the adapter to your “Pencil” and plug it into the regular Apple Cable. it takes 15-30 minutes for the accessory to completely charge.

How To Charge 2nd Generation Apple Pencil

With the 2nd Generation Apple Pencil, charging is a bit easier. Just like the Apple Watch the new Apple Pencil charges wirelessly. If you want to charge your Apple Pencil, simply attach it (it sticks magnetically) to the right side of your 3rd Generation Apple iPad Pro.

To confirm that the “Pencil” is indeed charging, look for the small overlay that appears at the top of the screen letting you know that it is attached and the current charge level of the device.

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