Evernote Alternative | Top Evernote Competitors To Try

Are you productive? Then, you probably heard about Evernote at some point. Evernote is the most popular tool for note taking. However, if you want an alternative to Evernote, due to privacy issues or for whatever reasons, we present the top Evernote competitors for you to try. These Evernote alternatives offer some of the same features, work on various operating systems, including Linux and are lightweight.


Bear is a note taking application, unfortunately, only available for iOS and Mac. However, due to its features, interface, and usability, Bear Writer is the first alternative listed. Why should you choose Bear over Evernote or say Google Keep? It’s fast, beautiful, easy to use and provides exceptional performance. Some features that pop are Peek and Pop-able notes, haptic feedback, and integration with Siri. Furthermore, you can parse web pages making them Bear compatible. Also, there’s an import tool that imports all your data from Evernote and other services. To help you understand how Bear works, check out the comparison video below. Or, head over to bear-writer.com to learn more.

Google Keep

Number two on our list of Evernote alternatives is Google Keep. Luckily, this note keeping app works across multiple platforms. These platforms include Windows, Mac, and, there’s a Chrome extension too. Right off the bat, you’d be happy to know that it syncs across all devices using your Google account. Moreover, it works well with Google Drive. A really nice feature to mention is the Auto Complete feature. Start typing a grocery item and Keep automatically gives a list of suggestions. Select an item and it’s added to your list. Voila!

Google Keep and Evernote are both excellent tools for saving thoughts/ideas. Whether its notes, pictures, lists, or narration, these two applications can save almost anything that you want. But, the ability to quickly and easily capture your thoughts is key to working at your productive best. And, while Evernote has been in the productivity game much longer, its ease of use can often be lacking. Here’s a video to help you understand why you should switch to Google Keep.

OneNote By Microsoft

Another useful Evernote-like app that you can try is OneNote. Like most things Microsoft, you can rely on this note taking software to sync your clipping across various devices. Furthermore, users can add web clipping as notes, convert emails into notebooks, add photographs, videos and more. There is also the option to create checklists. You can use it on Windows, Windows Phone, Macintosh, iPad, iPhone, Android, Amazon & there is the Web interface.

So, which is better? Evernote or OneNote? The people behind Dottotech take a candid look at the two apps in order to determine the difference between Evernote and Onenote. They offer 5 key differences between the two and why perhaps one may be a better fit than the other. In the end, it is up to you to choose. Check out the analysis below.


Our third Evernote alternative is SimplenoteThis competitor works on iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux. Do you like free stuff? Backups, syncing, sharing — it’s all completely free with Simplenote. Compared to Evernote, and, like Google Keep, the interface is much simpler. However, at this time, it only supports text-based notes. Who’s behind Simplenote? Automatic. The team that brought you WordPress. Here’s a walkthrough for you to preview.

Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook is a card-based Evernote-alternative for Android, iPhone, and Mac. Are you familiar with Paper and Google Keep? Then, think of Zoho as a combination of these apps. Similarly, you can create notes. However, you must create a notebook and in the notebook there are cards. Cards are what you use to save information like images, lists or web clippings. Check out their website for more. Also, view the app in action in the YouTube video below.


As Evernote is not available on Linux, the open source community developed Nixnote. With Nixnote, you can create text notes, attach files or images, and even synchronize with Evernote so you can have your notes wherever you go. Currently, the program works on Linux and Windows OS. This app is a good Linux client for Evernote.

Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is another replacement for Evernote that you can try. While it offers services similar to Evernote, the text editor is not as feature rich. However, it is easy to add images, videos and other things to the document. In Paper, you can add rich content to your document by pasting a link. It supports Dropbox, Facebook, Google, and other types of links. Collaboration, Paper’s biggest strength, allows you to work with others in real time. Make any content immediately visible and accessible to a specific collaborator with “@mentions”—just type @ followed by their name. You can also use @mentions to create and assign task lists within a document.

Do you think that any of these applications are better than Evernote? At the end of the day, it’s all about preference. If you know of any other apps similar to Evernote, then let us know about them in the comments. Here’s a video with some more suggestions.

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