Canon Rebel T3 vs Canon Rebel T5

Canon Rebel T3 vs Canon Rebel T5: Canon’s Rebel T5 is far more advanced than the Rebel T3. However, some folks still ask which DSLR is better. The T3 or T5? The obvious winner will be the Canon EOS Rebel T5. And, the alternative is the Canon EOS Rebel T3. They both cost around $400.

Canon T3 vs Canon T5 Specs


T3 vs T5 Comparison


Canon EOS Rebel T5

Canon EOS Rebel T3

Megapixels 18.0 12.2
_ Sensor Type CMOS CMOS
– Sensor Size 22.3 x 14.9mm 22.2 x 14.7mm
+ Sensor Type APS-C/DX APS-C/DX
Image Resolution 5184 x 3456 4272 x 2848
ISO Range 100 – 12,800 100 – 6,400
Processor Digic 4 Digic 4
AF Points 9 9
Burst Mode 3fps 2.7fps
LCD Size 3.0″ Fixed LCD 2.7″ Fixed LCD
Touch Screen No No
LCD Resolution 460,000 dots 230,000 dots
– Viewfinder Coverage 95% 95%
+ Viewfinder Magnification 0.8x 0.8x
_ Viewfinder Type Pentamirror Pentamirror
Shutter Speed Range 1/4000 to 30 sec. 1/4000 to 30 sec.
Exposure Compensation ±5 EV ±5 EV
Video Resolution 1,920 x 1,080 (30fps)
1,920 x 1,080 (25fps)
1,280 x 720 (30fps)
1,280 x 720 (25ps)
Weight (inc. batteries) 480g (0.94lbs) 495g (1.01lbs)
Battery Life 500 Shots (CIPA) 700 Shots (CIPA)
Dimensions 130 x 100 x 78 mm 125 x 96 x 77 mm
Price Amazon Amazon
Release Date 2014 2011

Canon T5 vs Canon T3 Common Features

Built-in Flash Yes vs Yes
External Flash Shoe Yes vs Yes
Viewfinder Yes (Optical) vs Yes (Optical)
RAW Support Yes vs Yes
Face Detection Focus Yes vs Yes
AE Bracketing Yes vs Yes

Common Weaknesses of Both The T5 and T3

Image Stabilization No vs No
Articulating Screen No vs No
LCD Screen Size 3″ vs 2.7″
LCD Screen Resolution 460k dots vs 230k dots
Environmental Sealing No vs No
Optical Viewfinder Type Pentamirror vs Pentamirror
AF Micro Adjustment (Fine Tune) No vs No

T3 vs T5 Size Comparison

Not much to say here. They are both the same size. 100mm by 130mm. The T5 is 15g lighter than the Canon T3. Hardly a noticeable difference.


T3 vs T5 Comparison

T5 vs T3 Sensor Comparison

The Canon EOS Rebel T5 has an 18.0MP APS-C (22.3 x 14.9 mm ) sized CMOS sensor and features a Digic 4 processor. The Canon 1100D has a 12.0MP APS-C (22.2 x 14.8 mm ) sized CMOS sensor and also features a Digic 4 processor.

Canon T5 vs Canon T3 Sensor Comparison

Canon T5 vs Canon T3 Sensor Comparison

You can print and crop with more freedom using the Canon T5 as it has 6 MP more than the Canon T3. The Canon T5 and Canon T3 have almost the same sensor size so none of them has any significant advantage over other in providing control over depth of field when used with same focal length and aperture.

Why You Should Choose The Canon T5

The Canon Rebel T5 and T3 both have the same size sensor. However, the Rebel T5 has six more megapixels than the Rebel T3. Not to mention that the T5 is a newer model released in 2014 compared to 2011’s T3. The Rebel T5 offers better low-light execution and a 0.3fps faster burst mode. Moreover, the T5 provides Full HD while the T3 only goes up to HD. And, although they are the same size, the Rebel T5 is lighter by 10g.

Max Sensor Resolution 18 MP vs 12 MP
LCD Screen Size 3″ vs 2.7″
LCD Screen Resolution 460k dots vs 230k dots
Weight 480 g vs 495 g
Dynamic Range 11.3 vs 11.0
Max Video Resolution 1920 x 1080 vs 1280 x 720

Key Benefits of Buying the T5

  • 18 vs. 12MP (6 more megapixels, same size sensor)
  • 1 stop higher maximum ISO speed
  • Better low light performance (4 years newer model)
  • 0.3fps faster burst mode
  • 0.3″ bigger LCD monitor
  • 460k vs. 230k dot resolution
  • Full HD vs. HD maximum video resolution
  • Manual controls in video
  • 10g lighter, same size
  • Newer EF-S 18-55mm Kit Lens

The T5 is the better choice. Regarding quality, you get better results for large prints, and there’s the advantage in low light settings. Additionally, the best quality depends on the lenses you use, check out our guide for the Best Lenses for Canon T5. Find the Rebel T5 here and see some customer reviews here.

Advantages of Canon EOS Rebel T3

I bet you were not expecting the T3 to have anything better than the T5. However, if you looked at the chart above, you’d have noticed that it has a longer battery life. 200 shots longer battery life to be precise. Sadly, that’s all there is to mention. Check out the T3 on Amazon and read some customer reviews.

Battery Life 700 shotsvs500 shots
Low-Light ISO 755vs724
Sensor Pixel Area 27.00µm2vs18.54µm2
Price $380 vs $384

Video: Canon 1100D (T3) vs. Canon 1200D (T5)

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