Canon Rebel T5 vs Canon Rebel T3i | Difference Between Canon Rebel EOS T3i & T5

Which entry-level digital camera should you choose? The Rebel T5 or the Rebel T3i? You might think, “Oh, the T5 is a newer model, so I’ll go with that one.” However, newer isn’t always better. The Canon Rebel T3i debuted in 2011 while the Canon Rebel T5 debuted in 2014. That’s a 3-year difference. However, looking at the specs, the T3i beats the T5 in almost every way possible.

Canon T3i vs T5 Specs

Canon Rebel T5 - 1200D vs T3i - 600D

Canon Rebel T5 – 1200D vs T3i – 600D

Canon EOS Rebel T5 Canon EOS Rebel T3i
Megapixels 18.0 18.0
Sensor Type CMOS CMOS
Sensor Size 22.3 x 14.9mm 22.3 x 14.9mm
Sensor Type APS-C APS-C
Image Resolution 5184 x 3456 5184 x 3456
ISO Range 100 – 12,800 100 – 12,800
Processor Digic 4 Digic 4
AF Points 9 9
Burst Mode 3fps 3.7fps
LCD Size 3.0″ Fixed LCD 3.0″ Articulating LCD
Touch Screen No No
LCD Resolution 460,000 dots 1,040,000 dots
Viewfinder Coverage 95% 95%
Viewfinder Magnification 0.8x 0.85x
Viewfinder Type Pentamirror Pentamirror
Shutter Speed Range 1/4000 to 30 sec. 1/4000 to 30 sec.
Exposure Compensation ±5 EV ±5 EV
Video Resolution (1,920 x 1,080) (30fps)
{1,920 x 1,080} (25fps)
[1,920 x 1,080] (24fps)
1,280 x 720 (60fps)
1,280 x 720 (50ps)
(1,920 x 1,080) (30fps)
{1,920 x 1,080} (25fps)
[1,920 x 1,080] (24fps)
1,280 x 720 (60fps)
1,280 x 720 (50ps)
Weight (inc. batteries) 480g (0.94lbs) 570g (1.26lbs)
Battery Life 500 Shots (CIPA) 440 Shots (CIPA)
Dimensions 130 x 100 x 78 mm 133.1 x 99.5 x 79.7 mm
Price Amazon Amazon
Release Date 2014 2011

Common Features Between T5 and T3i

Built-in Flash Yes vs Yes
External Flash Shoe Yes vs Yes
Viewfinder Yes (Optical) vs Yes (Optical)
RAW Support Yes vs Yes
Face Detection Focus Yes vs Yes
Max Resolution 18 MP vs 18 MP
AE Bracketing Yes vs Yes

Common Weakness Between The T3i and T5

Image Stabilization No vs No
Environmental Sealing No vs No
Optical Viewfinder Type Pentamirror vs Pentamirror
AF Micro Adjustment (Fine Tune) No vs No

Canon T5 vs Canon T3i Size Comparison

The Canon T5 is 3mm narrower and 2mm thinner than the Canon T3i, however, they have the same height of 100mm. With regard to weight, the Canon T5 is noticeably lighter than the Canon T3i.

Canon Rebel T5 - 1200D vs T3i - 600D

Canon Rebel T5 – 1200D vs T3i – 600D

T3i and T5 Sensor Comparison

Both the CanonT5  and T3i have APS-C sized 18.0 MP resolution sensors. Hence, sensor size and resolution are not different between these two cameras. They produce the same level of control over the depth of field when used with same focal length and aperture.

Canon T5 vs Canon T3i Sensor Comparison

Canon T5 vs Canon T3i Sensor Comparison

Why You Should Choose The Canon T3i

Firstly, both cameras are entry-level DSLRs. They are both use APS-C sensors. Hence, they are not compatible with Full Frame or ASP-H lenses. The differences? The Rebel T3i has a slightly faster burst mode than the T5. 3.7fos vs the 3.7 of the Rebel T5. Additionally, the EOS Rebel T3i has an articulating LCD screen and higher LCD resolution than the T5. Lastly, it is cheaper than the T5 (by $50 or so). You can buy the T3i here, read customer reviews here and see it in the video below. Oh, skip ahead to check out the T5…

Advantages of the Canon Rebel T3i Over the Canon T5

Articulating Screen Yes vs No
LCD Screen Resolution 1.040k dots vs 460k dots
Continuous Shooting 4.0fps vs 3.0fps
Microphone Port Yes vs No
Flash Coverage 13.0m vs 9.2m
Color Depth 22.1 vs 21.9
Dynamic Range 11.5 v11.3
Low-Light ISO 793 vs 724
Flash Sync Port Yes vs No
Selfie Friendly LCD Yes vs No
  • Slightly faster burst mode
  • Articulating LCD screen
  • Higher LCD resolution
  • More affordable

Advantages of the Canon Rebel T5

 Battery Life 500 shots vs 440 shots
Weight 480 g vs 570 g

You might be wondering, how does the T5 do against the T3i, but there is not much to tell here. The only advantages are that the Rebel T5 is lighter and takes more photos per regular battery life. To be specific, the T5 is 100g lighter than the T3i and has about 60 shots longer battery life.

If you really, really want to, you can find the T5 on Amazon, read customer reviews and check it out in the below video.

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