Best Emoji App | Top Emoji Keyboard for Android

Do you like decorating your text messages, Messenger messages or WhatsApp messages with fun emojis? I know I do. And, there are tons of emojis from which we can choose. However, what apps have the best emoji selection? How about emoji keyboards? Well, these are all valid questions in today’s chatting world. And, we have the best emoji apps and emoji keyboards right here on this list.

Best Emoji Apps For Android

Most of these emojis for Android are free of charge. However, for fairness sake, you may see one or two paid options that may have features you find interesting. Oh, you can check out our best emoji apps for iOS if you’re an iPhone/iPad person. Or, you can read the master post top emoji apps for smartphones, for a listing of both. And, you can get emojis on your computer too!

SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji – Best Emoji App #1

Swiftkey Keyboard + Emoji is by far the top emoji app for Android users. More than just an emoji app, Swiftkey is also one of the top keyboards for Android devices. Furthermore, it is the best free emoji app for Android.

Over 250 million people worldwide use SwiftKey Keyboard and I suppose it’s because of some pretty cool features. For example, you can type a word and the option to auto insert the corresponding emoji appears. So, type sad and the :( emoji appears.

Moreover, there are features like flow typing, user-learning (SwiftKey learns the way you type), and, of course, auto-correction/insertion.

Moreover, there are loads of themes to choose from. Recently, SwiftKey made all the teams free of charge! Swiftkey is one of the few emoji apps that work on all phones.

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Kika Emoji Keyboard Pro

Another keyboard to consider is Kika Emoji Keyboard Pro. Despite the Pro in the title, this app is available for free on the Google Play Store. However, the app contains ads and other pop-ups. Not to mention, the in-app purchases…

But, if you insist, features include the ability to send stickers, and, if you’re into GIF’s, there are lots of funny animated GIFs to choose, such as reaction GIFs, cat GIFs & Emotion GIFs.

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Video: The 6 Best Android Keyboards

TheUnlockr: So, how do you decide on which are the best Android keyboards for you to even take the time to download and try? Well, I’ve waded through the ridiculously oversaturated app category that is keyboards to see if I could pull the top 7 of the best keyboards for Android.

Take a look and please feel free to comment on here and let me know if there are others you think should be added and why. I’ll try and keep this updated as best as I can going forward so others can at least have a good jumping-off-point. Ready?

What Do You Think Of The Best Emoji App For Android?

I’m sorry if you were expecting more but SwiftKey covers it all and is totally free and easy to setup and use. However, as said, if you know of any other apps that deserve to be on the list, let us know in the comments below.

Perhaps, you’d have better luck on the iOS Emoji/Keyboard Apps list. But, I’ll let you know now, that Swiftkey probably tops that list as well. Lastly, as always, thanks for reading Top Emoji App | Best Emoji Keyboard for Android here on ORDUH! Be sure to share this article with your friends and family.

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