Best GBA Sports Games

Do you know what the best GBA sports games are? Graphics on the GameBoy Advance did not allow for high-end sports games, however, there are some good GBA sports games to play. Don’t own a GBA? Buy one or use an emulator. Other lists like; Best GBA Role-Playing Games (RPG) and Best GBA Action Games saw titles like Pokemon Ruby and Metal Slug from the Best GBA Games: A Complete List make a repeat appearance. However, what’s the best sports game for the GBA? Will your favorite game franchise make the list? Here are the top sports games for GameBoy Advance consoles.


FIFA 06 for GameBoy Advance was the first real taste of the world of football on a handheld console. Though the graphics leave room for major improvement and it lacks live commentary, FIFA 06 is still an entertaining game. Relive the 2006 World Cup on your very own Nintendo Game Boy Advance with EA Sports’ FIFA World Cup Germany 2006! Simple controls make this big league soccer/football game extremely fun and playable.

Video: Classic Game Room – FIFA WORLD CUP GERMANY 2006 GBA

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 is the fourth game in Tony Hawk’s series. Anyone interested in professional biking will enjoy performing tricks on the GBA. Not only do you have the usual cash collectible, plus the goals being done by various people walking around, but this also features the reappearance of line gaps, stat point collectibles, tours and a few other interesting features.

Video: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 (GBA) Gameplay

Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Next on the list of best GBA sports games is Mario Kart: Super Circuit. Super Circuit is a kart racing video game in which the player races in a kart against other teams in different courses. The game screen indicates the current standings in a race, the number of laps needed to finish and incoming weapons. Like in the previous installments, players can pick up item boxes to receive a randomly selected item and use it to impede the opposition and gain the advantage.

Video: Game Boy Advance Longplay Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Mario Golf: Advance Tour

We thought that it’d be nice to throw in something for the golf enthusiasts. Did you know that Mario Golf: Advance Tour is a GBA game? Mario Golf: Advance Tour features four multiplayer modes. In the “Without Game Link” mode, two to four players take turns playing on one Game Boy Advance.

They can choose a player from the unlocked list of players, pick clubs, and then pick a game-play mode. And, other than the previously mentioned features, this is the same as the standard free-play mode. In the “With Game Link” mode, each player can select from their own list of characters and clubs, but courses must be mutually unlocked. Otherwise, this is the same as the Without Game Link mode.

Video: Let’s Play Mario Golf: Advance Tour


FIFA makes another appearance on this with FIFA 07. The popular FIFA 07 lets you try different leagues and players from all around the world. However, just like the previous installment, it lacks in the graphics department. But, the 07 version dos feature updated teams and players. The control mechanics were modified, featuring heavy use of the skill stick, and upping the tempo of the entire game.

Video: FIFA 07 (Gameboy Advance Gameplay)

Disney Sports Basketball (GBA)

Konami fashioned a fun game with a good amount of replay value, even if you have to play as Mickey and Minnie instead of Kobe Bryant and Shaq.

Video: Disney Sports Basketball (GBA)

Conclusion: Top Sports Games For Gameboy Advance

Hey! We are at the end of the list! Has your favorite sports game for GameBoy Advance made it on the list? No? Then, let us know in the comment section and we’d be glad to add it. Lastly, thanks or reading Best GBA Sports Games: Top Sports Games For Gameboy Advance here on ORDUH. Don’t forget to share the post with others.

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