Best GBA Action Games

Hi, there! Here’s a list of the top action games for GameBoy Advance. Wait, people still play that? Of course, they do! Nothing like rocking back in bed and kicking it old school! The nostalgia! By the way, if you’ve never owned or want a GBA, then, be sure to get one. They sell for like $25 on Amazon. If you don’t want to buy one, you can try one of these GBA emulators for Windows. Anyway, here are the best GBA action games! Will your fave make the list? Also, check out the best GBA game of all time.

Metal Slug Advance – Best GBA Action Game

Shoot em’ up! When it comes to action and carnage, Metal Slug Advance is the number 1 contender. With countless weapons and vehicles, play as new and old characters in this action-packed and thrilling installment. The only one available for GBA.

The plot? A battle against deadly soldiers, bombers and other insane threats, while chasing down a ruthless dictator. Are you up for the challenge? Check out the gameplay video below.

Video: Game Boy Advance Longplay Metal Slug Advance

Final Fight One

Final Fight One sees you pummeling through the streets in an effort to rescue some girl named Jessica. However, it’s not an easy street to walk. The streets fight back!

Use deadly force and various weapons to overthrow difficult boss characters in epic arcade style fights. Who knows? Maybe, in the end, you end up with the girl. Or do you?

Game Boy Advance Longplay Final Fight One

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

What’s a GBA game list without Zelda? The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap focuses on traveling through the kingdom of Hyrule on an awesome adventure.

Your mission?  Protect the kingdom from evil forces and help the little minish cap that accompanies you throughout most of the game.

Video: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past sees you going on an adventure in an attempt to save Princess Zelda. You knew that Zelda is a girl, right? The guy you play as is Link… But, we all know that!

Wield swords, throw bombs, perform dash attacks, lift and throw, and push and pull objects; acquire items that give additional abilities. Do whatever it takes to stop the Evil Ganon.

Video: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Gameplay

Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX

Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX, the Game Boy Advance release of the SNES classic Contra III: The Alien Wars. It has minor changes to the original game, such as removing levels and changing graphics.

However, it’s still the shoot’em up that fans fell in love with, only on a smaller screen. Check out the video below to see just what we mean.

Video: Game Boy Advance Longplay Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX

Spider-Man: Mysterio’s Menace

Spider Pig! Spider-Pig! Does whatever a Spider Pig does! Did you get the reference? No? Peter Griffin would be disappointed.

Nonetheless, we’re on about Spiderman: Mysterio’s Menace here. This game features Spider-Man pitted against a rogue’s gallery including villains Rhino, Hammerhead, and Big Wheel, led by the Master of Illusion, Mysterio.

Enhance Spidey’s abilities with power-ups and defeat the evil foes that threaten the safety of the city. There are even different outfits that you can equip to make him even more powerful.

Video: Spider-Man – Mysterio’s Menace (Game Boy Advance)

Mega Man Zero 2

Mega Man Zero 2 lacks in newer elements but it makes up for it in endless and fast-paced beat-em-up fun. However, given the difficulty of the stages, novices get discouraged. Especially so if you did not play the original Megaman Zero.

Video: Game Boy Advance Longplay Mega Man Zero 2

Grand Theft Auto (GBA)

Lights. Camera. Action! Take control of your life in Grand Theft Auto (GBA). Be the worst criminal on the block or the nicest.

Either way, you can do basically whatever you want in GTA. Just don’t get caught by the cops. Fans of the franchise will know what I mean. However, check out the gameplay video below for more insight if you don’t.

Videos: GTA Advance GBA Gameplay

Metroid: Zero Mission

Metroid: Zero Mission is a remake of the original Metroid game for the NES. It also depicts what happens immediately after the self-destruct sequence by Mother Brain.

It takes place on another planet where Samus has to fight hordes of space pirates and other space tyranny. Try out new power-ups and even fight without your suit (more difficult).

Video: Metroid: Zero Mission (GBA)

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

Next on the list of top GBA action games is  Castlevania: Circle of the Moon is the first Castlevania installment for the Game Boy Advance, following up on Castlevania: Symphony of the Night’s “Metroidvania” style while introducing a unique magic ability system involving mystical cards.

Video: Game Boy Advance Longplay Castlevania Circle of the Moon

Ninja Five-O

The player takes the role of the ninja cop Joe Osugi, who battles a group of evil ninja masters and the terrorist cells under their control.

Ninja Five-O features ninja swords, shuriken throwing stars, ninjutsu magic and a kaginawa grappling hook system to create acrobatic moves in the style of Bionic Commando.

Video: Ninja Five-O Playthrough – Hard Mode

Dragon Ball GT: Transformation

Dragon Ball GT: Transformation is beat ’em up action game based on the story of Dragon Ball GT. The game covers half of the anime’s story up until the Baby Saga. It’s technically a sequel to the Legacy of Goku series.

The game features characters like Kid Goku, Super Saiyan Kid Goku, Trunks, Pan and more of your favorite DBZ characters. Check out the gameplay video below.

Video: Dragon Ball GT: Transformation | A Devastating Wish

Conclusion: Top Action Games For Gameboy Advance

Did your favorite action game for GameBoy advance make the list? We sure hope so! However, if not, let us know of your suggestions in the comments below. We like adding new games to the list.

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