Best GBA Puzzle Games

Continuing with our series of top Gameboy Advance games, we take a look at the best puzzle games for GameBoy Advance. Puzzles are fun and challenging. They force us to be strategic. Hence, many of us like the idea of solving problems. It proves that we are smart, right? For gamers, playing puzzle games on consoles is nothing new. And, there are some good puzzle games for GameBoy Advance owners (the few of us).  So, what are the best puzzle games for GBA? Let’s take a look at the list. Oh, if you do not own a GBA, check this list of top GBA emulators.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

Firstly, not your typical puzzle game, it might even fit in the list of GBA action games. However, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo requires more thought than simple button smashing. Puzzle Fighter is a one or two player tile-matching puzzle video game.

You match tiles to attack your opponent. Attacking your opponent lowers their health. Therefore, the faster you are at tile-matching, the faster you win the game. The game features fighters from the CAPCOM universe.

Video: Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo GamePlay

Dr. Mario & Puzzle League (GBA) Dr. Mario

Dr. Mario & Puzzle League and Dr. Mario are two GameBoy Advance puzzle games featuring Mario. The only difference is that the former is a compilation cartridge which contains versions of both Dr. Mario and Tetris Attack.

Dr. Mario’s objective is to delete viruses by throwing vitamin capsules into a bottle. To eliminate the nasty critters, you must form a row of four or more same-colored capsules or viruses. However, trapped at the bottom of the bottle are many viruses, so you must plan ahead to eliminate them.

Video: Dr. Mario & Puzzle League (GBA) Dr. Mario GamePlay

ChuChu Rocket!

The objective of ChuChu Rocket! is to guide mice into the player’s base by placing directional arrows on a grid. A cat which can eat the mice also walks on the grid and can reduce the player’s score in half if it gets into your base. It sounds easy. However, some of the mazes are complex and are sure to have you thinking and strategizing for more than a few hours.

Video: Game Boy Advance Longplay Chu Chu Rocket

Polarium Advance

In Polarium Advance, black and white tiles fill a grid, and by drawing a single line on the grid, flip tiles from black to white (or vice versa). Forming solid, horizontal lines of all black or all white erases tiles, and the goal is to delete the entire grid in this manner.

Video: Polarium Advance Stage 1-10 (GBA)

Super Puzzle Bobble Advance

Super Puzzle Bobble Advance is a fast-paced gem-matching puzzle game for GameBoy Advance. Players must make matches of three of the same colored gems. The faster you make connections, the quicker you take down your opponent.

Video: Super Puzzle Bobble Advance (GBA)

Did your favorite GBA puzzle game appear on the list? If not, let us know in the comments and we would consider addding it. Let us know what you think!

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