How to Use 3C ToolBox App – Disable Google Play Services – Extend Android Battery Life

Learn how to use the 3C ToolBox app to disable Google Play Services and extend Android battery life. The 3C Toolbox app offers battery savings and performance optimization, profiles to control CPU, IO and device states and manage apps from anywhere. Many other apps promise to improve your device battery life and overall performance.

However, many of them also come with extra bloatware that you don’t need. ToolBox 3C, on the other hand, has no such features. 3C Toolbox helps if Android Smartphone battery drains quickly.  3C Toolbox helps save the much-needed battery power. Use 3C Toolbox to monitor, manage and maintain optimal performance on your Android device.


The 3C Toolbox app allows you to control all those battery hungry apps running in your Android’s background. The battery life that these apps drain is detrimental to your device. With the 3C Toolbox app, you can monitor & disable these apps. By disabling these apps, it frees up RAM (memory)& improves battery life & performance on your Android device.

The 3C ToolBox APK frees up a lot of memory on your device, making for smoother and faster transitions between applications and games on your smartphones or tablets. You do not need to uninstall or disable any of your apps, all you have to do is use the 3C Toolbox interface to turn off the apps.

3C Toolbox Features

Toolbox integration
Battery savings and performance optimization
Profiles to control CPU, IO and device states
Manage apps from anywhere
Device Manager
Device profiles to easily and quickly configure your device
Tasks scheduler to perform app management, memory clean-up, and performance booster
Device watchers to automatically activate a profile, run tasks or display alarms
Device battery statistics to compare battery usage between profiles
File Explorer*
Batch copy/paste, zip, delete, move, share and stream files and folders
Change files/folders permissions, ownership and security context
Access all your Samba network shares
Application Manager*
Backup and verify app APK/data, SMS, and call logs
System app uninstaller and update cleaner
Send apps by e-mail, DropBox, GDrive, etc.
Move any apps to user, system or SD card
Freeze/unfreeze apps, crystallize and control app startup and events
Zip align, clear cache, wipe Dalvik-cache, fix permissions and optimize databases
Control app notifications, permissions, access, rotation, full-screen and force screen-on
Find apps draining your battery (statistics)
Network manager
Set WiFi access point priority
Configure* Android firewall, TCP Congestion, and DNS
Task Manager
Sort by various usage
Kill or force-stop* any apps or kernel processes
CPU manager*
Single core to octa-core and more
Thermal and multi-core settings
System Manager*
Configure SD cards cache and IO scheduler, memory management and custom kernel settings
build.prop and sys CTL editors.
Monitoring and recording
All applications activity and consumption
Component states (connections, localization, and phone)
Status bars notifications with graphics
Remove original battery icon (Xposed required)
Highly Configurable Widgets
Resizable gauge widget
1×1 text
1×1 toggle
System component switches (widgets or profiles)
You can switch on/off about 20+ parts manually or automatically use profiles
Terminal Emulator & Script Editor
Run any scripts, optionally on boot
Share scripts, commands, and outputs

Download 3c Toolbox APK/App

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3C ToolBox App Pro – Disable Google Play Services – Extend Android Battery Life

Before we move into the tutorial,  download 3C Toolbox for Android on the Google Play Store, and it is entirely free! You need the app if you plan to use this 3c toolbox guide. Note that this is the free version of the application. If you require to, the 3c toolbox pro apk download is here.

3c Toolbox Setup – Disable Google Play Services

For now, the next few minutes I teach you how to setup and use the 3C Toolbox app on your Android device for extended functionality and usability.

  • Download and Install 3C Toolbox from the PlayStore or the 3C Toolbox Pro APK (extended functionality).
  • Open the 3C Toolbox App and click on Task Manager.
  • Now, locate Google Play Services.
  • Tap on it to open it.
  • Now, tap on the Services tab. You see all the services listed there.
  • Next to each service there is a checkbox. Uncheck it to disable the service.
  • If you have any problem, click on the help buttons in the top right corner of the app.

Video WalkThrough: 3C Toolbox Review

TK reviews 3C Toolbox (formerly Android Tuner.) XDA Senior Member 3c created this Xposed Module to allow you tweak and tune the performance of your Android device. TK shows off the module, its use, functionality and talks about his thoughts on the application. So, check out this app review.


That’s it! Monitor all your Android apps. The disabled app remains that way until you manually launch it. 3C Toolbox prevents all those battery draining, auto-restarting, memory bloating apps from ever getting in the way of your Android’s performance. Enjoy you newly improved battery life and don’t forget to share the info with your friends. You can also opt for the 3C Toolbox Pro APK for more features.

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