How To Turn Off Microphone On Amazon’s Alexa Echo/Alexa Dot

So, you recently purchased your brand new Alexa Echo or Alexa Dot on Amazon and you want to turn off the microphone. It may seem tricky but disabling the mic on your Echo or Dot device is real easy. Here’s what to do.

How To Disable Microphone On Alexa Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot: Turn off mic on Echo Dot
An image of the 3rd Generation Echo Dot.
  • Firstly, tap the microphone button on the bottom of Echo Dot.
  • The button and the indicator on your Amazon gadget glows red.
  • That’s it. Your Echo’s mic can no longer hear you. 

How To Turn Off Mic On Alexa Echo

How To Turn Off Mic On Alexa Echo
Image of Amazon’s Echo Plus.
  • Firstly, tap the mic button on your Echo. It’s at the bottom of th device.
  • Then, the indicator and button both glow red.
  • The microphone on your Alexa Echo is now muted.

Please note that if you restart the Echo or Dot, the mic stays in mute mode. To reactivate the microphone, simply tap or press the mic button.

And, remember that in mute mode, you cannot give commands to Alexa. To do so, you must turn the mic on. Thanks for reading. Get the Echo Plus here.

Lastly, you can check out how to turn off the camera on the Amazon Echo Spot. Here’s hoping that the article helped you learn how to configure the mic on your Amazon Echo Dot or Amazon Echo.

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