Fix iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode Loop

Fix iphone stuck in recovery mode loop: Got an iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode or Recovery Mode loop? We have the fix! Got an iPhone 5 Stuck in Recovery Mode or Recovery Mode loop? We have the fix!  Got an iPhone 6 Stuck in Recovery Mode or Recovery Mode loop? We have the fix!  Basically we can tell you exactly how to fix an iPhone stuck in recovery mode loop!

I had the same problem where my iPhone 5c was stuck in a recovery mode loop and after doing some digging I was able to finally fix my iPhone 5c and get it out of the recovery mode loop. I should mention that there are many reasons why an iPhone might get stuck in a recovery mode loop. It may have something to do with outdated iTunes software, incorrect firmware installation or an incomplete OTA update installation.

What happened to me? Well, let’s just say that I rebooted my iPhone 5c during an OTA update that was taking too long to complete. The only trouble with that is when I tried to start up the device it was stuck on the Apple/iTune logo. :(  And I ended up with an iPhone 5c stuck in recovery mode which is like having a brick in your hand. (Now you know why we say be careful not to brick your device).

How to Exit an iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode Loop

There are tons of methods online that will help you get your iPhone out of recovery mode, however, for the purposes of simplicity and efficiency I will give you the sure fire method to get any iPhone out of a recovery mode loop. And just to be sure I will outline a second method as well.

This guide will also help you get your iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPad mini, iPad Air, iPod Touch out of a recovery mode loop as well, so don’t worry about me talking about an iPhone 5c all the time. Let’s find out how to fix this issue on the following pages!

Method 1: BootRec Recovery Mode in/out

The first method involves using the BootRec mode to help you get out of a start up loop (recovery loop). BootRec is available for free for both Mac and Windows devices. It is a very straightforward piece of software that most of the times helps solve the issue.

How to Use RecBoot to Fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode :-

1) Download the RecBoot software if you don’t have it already, here’s the link to download RecBoot for Windows &  RecBoot for Mac.

2) Execute RecBoot, then connect your iPhone 4S to Computer.

3) Once your iPhone is connected and recognized by the software you’ll find two buttons within the RecBoot interface.

4) Tap the button that says “Exit Recovery Mode”.

VOILA! You should be seeing a White Apple Logo on your iPhone screen which means that your device is now rebooting into normal mode. If not then try method 2 on the next page. And remember, if you have any problems with any of the processes then leave us a comment and we’d gladly help you out!

Method  2 : TinyUmbrella Recovery in/out

Method 2 involves using the TinyUmbrella tool. Much like RecBoot it forces your iPhone out or into recovery mode.

How to Use TinyUmbrella to Fix iPhone stuck in Recovery Mode :-

N.B You must have the latest version of  Java installed!

1) Download the TinyUmbrella software for Windows or Mac

2) Execute the TinyUmbrella software, on the first run it will start downloading and updating its libraries.

3) After this, a window will appear prompting you to connect your iPhone to your computer, make sure your iPhone is in recovery mode while you connect it to your computer.

4) After connecting your iPhone, select it under the Recovery Device heading which can be found under the left sidebar og the TinyUmbrella user interface.

5) Look for the Exit Recovery button and click it.

You’re done! Wait for the device to completely reboot into normal mode and then disconnect it from the computer. Here’s hoping that this guide/tutorial help you out. If you tried anyone of these steps and ran into any problem then let us know in the comments and someone will gladly help you fix your iPhone stuck in recovery mode loop. Don’t forget to share the post with your friends.



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