Install ClockWorkMod On MediaTek Device

Do you want to install ClockWorkMod on your MediaTek smartphone or tablet? Then, this guide teaches you how to to do so. However, in order to proceed, one must first gain root access to the Android device. Moreover, this is the second of three steps; root the Android device, install the custom recovery (CWM) and install a custom ROM.

In this article, you find the cwm recovery.img download file needed to install the ClockWorkMod recovery. However, be sure that you root your Android device and install the SuperSu binary zip. Once you complete both these steps, proceed with the tutorial accordingly.

Before You Begin

By rooting your Android, you essentially void your warranty. Furthermore, there is no workaround, your Android device must have root access in order to proceed. Additionally, ensure that your Android device is fully charged or has at least 80% battery life. Once ready, proceed at your own risk.

Mobileuncle MTK Tools: Install ClockworkMOD(CWM) On All MediaTek Android Device

Firstly, download the MobileUncle MTK Tools. This is a requirement. You may Download MobileUncle MTK Tools here. The application is free of charge so be sure to download it from that page. Secondly, find the relevant cwm recovery img file download for your device.

Don’t know where or how to find your cwm.img download file? No worries, skip to the second method which does not require you to find or download it via searching on forums. If you do have or know where to find your cwm.img file, then proceed to the next step.

Once you download the recovery image, transfer the recovery.img file to your SD card. Now, open the recently installed MobileUncle MTK Tools. Upon request, grant the app root access. After, select the ‘Recovery Update’ option and proceed to select the recently transferred cwm recovery img file.

Lastly, follow any further on-screen prompts and proceed to reboot your Android device. Once rebooted, you shall have successfully installed your custom recovery.

Install ClockworkMOD(CWM) On all MediaTek Android Device: MTK Droid Tools

This method requires that you have a MediaTek android device. Also, be sure to root your Android device. Ensure that you have the relevant USB drivers and that you have a compatible USB cord. You also need a Windows Laptop or Desktop and MTK Droid Tools for Windows.

Alright, have you got all of that? Then, let’s have a look at the next steps and the download links. Remember, all of this voids your warranty and you’re responsible for your actions with regard to your device.

Flash ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery on Any MediaTek (MT65xx)

Alrighty, download the MTK Droid Tools. Be sure that you have your USB drivers. If not, check out the link above or install Samsung Kies or any relevant software pertaining to your specific Android smartphone or tablet. To proceed, after connecting your device to your PC, ensure that you enable USB Debugging.

Did you get all that? Take your time and re-read if you need to do so. Once you finish, your next step is to open MTK Droid Tools file that you download and extract the contents of the ZIP file if need be. Now, once you have access to the MTK Droid Tools.exe, run the file as an administrator.

Did you get a UBIFS warning message? Then, unfortunately, this process will not work for you. For now, only ext4 is supported. Furthermore, in the lower lefthand corner of the tool, there exists an indicator. Don’t like reading? Skip to the video tutorial below!

Is the indicator yellow? Then, unfortunately, your Android device is not rooted. Please follow the guide how to root any Android device. Is the indicator green in color? Then, continue accordingly. Also, you can click “ROOT” on the MTK Droid Tools interface to enable root shell. Once the indicator turns green then you are ready to proceed.

Now, you need to navigate to the Root, Backup, Recovery tab. From the menu, select “To Use Boot From Phone” via the available options.  Additionally, a message “Make CWM recovery automatically” appears. Select “Yes” as your response.

Lastly, the tool processes your request and builds the ClockWorkMod recovery. Once the process completes, a prompt appears asking you if you’d like to “install created recovery to phone”. Select “Yes”. The MTK Droid Tool now asks you to reboot your Android device to recovery. Select “Yes” and check to see that it successfully reboots into the new custom recovery.

Video: How to Make CWM Recovery for any Andriod Phone using MTK Droid Tools


There are two of the easiest methods to install custom recoveries onto your Android device. The first option utilizes the Mobileuncle MTK Tools which requires you to find your cwm.img recovery file. However, the second option automatically creates your CWM recovery for you via the MTK Droid Tools application.

Are you having trouble with the tutorial? If so, leave us a comment and we’ll try to help you as best we can. Thanks for reading, How to Install ClockWorkMod On Any/All MediaTek Devices on OrDuh!


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