MTK Droid Tools

MTK Droid Tools is a tool that allows users to perform several tasks on Android devices. The MTK Droid Tool may root your Android, create scatter files, backup stock firmware among several other features. Consequently, the official name for the tool is MTK Droid Root & Tools. Do you want to know how to use MTK Droid Tools?

Then, this article outlines how to use MTK Droid Tools in a further section. However, to begin, we go through a few of the features of the Droid Tool. Also, we provide download links for previous and current versions of the MTK Droid Tools APK. Let’s begin with MTK Droid Tools tutorial.

Also, here are a few things to know before we dive into the features, usage and download links. Be sure to read through the Things to Know before you attempt to use the tool on any Android device.

Things to Know

The MTK Droid Tool works with MediaTek (MTK) devices. Do not attempt to use the tool with other chipsets unless specifically stated. You may receive a Malware Alert: MTK droid tool contains a malware, present in files > pwn. But this file is not harmful to your computer nor your phone, it only allows you to root.

Does your Antivirus delete this file? Then, the root capabilities will not work. However, if you do not plan to use the root feature then this is negligible. Lastly, Rooting and flashing IMEI may void your device warranty. Proceed at your own risk.

MTK Droid Tools Features

Firstly, the MTK Droid tools main function is rooting. If you want to one-click root an Android smartphone or tablet then, this tool is a good choice. However, most of the functions work best with MTK base Android devices. For other Android devices, read about rooting here.

Backup & Recovery

Have you ever wanted to backup your Stock ROM? Then, the MTK Droid Tool allows you to backup the entire stock recovery and firmware. Furthermore, if there is need you ca restore the recovery/firmware at any time. On a side note, learn how to install ClockWorkMod On MediaTek Devices.

Backup Stock Firmware

Well, we mentioned this above, however, it is a feature all on its own. And, for this reason, we mention it again. You can backup entire firmware of any MediaTek device.

Create Scatter File

With the scatter file feature, create blocks or scatter files for use in flashing stock firmware on most MediaTek smartphones or tablets.

Write IMEI

Finally, perhaps a useful feature, is the MTK Droid Tools IMEI repair function. Backup and restore the IMEI number of any MediaTek device. However, the tool offers support for IMEI repair of several other chipsets.

MTK Droid Tool Download

Phew! Are you ready to download the latest version of the MTK Droid Tool? Yes? Then, here are the download links for the latest and previous versions of the MTK Droid Tools. We start with the latest versions followed by the previous versions.

MTK Droid Tools 2.5.3 Download

MTK Droid Tools 2.5.3 download. The file name is Yes, you can click that link to start the download. This downloads the Mtk Droid Tool v2.5.3 application. The file size is 10 MB. Now, here are some useful tutorial and other videos relating to how to use MTK Droid Tools.

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Mtk Droid Tools IMEI Repair

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