How To Tell If Your Child Is Ready For A Mobile Phone

Your child would like their own mobile phone. knowing that the question was coming  but don’t know how to tell if your child is ready for a mobile phone?. Over 75% of Children in American under the age of 8 have access to a smartphone or tablet, so your not allow every parent has been there. We’ve come up with the useful tips for you to decide if your child is ready for a mobile phone.

How old is your child?

There are many kids of all ages who have access to a mobile phone. This does not necessarily mean your 10-year-old will need a mobile. If you are considering a phone for your child try opting for a reasonably priced phone to start off with, the iPhone 5 or Samsung S5 mini would be a great choice to keep the budget down and give your child the freedom they desire.

Do your kids show a sense of responsibility?

Do your kids do their chores on time? finish their homework? take care of the pets? If your kids do all of the above without being asked 3 times then they may be ready for a mobile phone as this shows a sense of responsibility from your kid. If your kid is always losing things or breaking things it more than likely they will do the same to their phone.

Will the phone be used responsibly?

Having a phone is a big responsibility for kids and a lot of kids can get over excited by having them. This over-excitement can make your kid go crazy over the amount of freedom they have. Many kids will star texting during class and listen to music during family dinner. It’s important you set limits if you are considering a phone for your kid. It’s important to make sure they have the phone on at all times to ensure you can contact them when you need to.

Does your kid need a phone for safety reasons?

Do you work long hours and get home late?. If your kid is walking home with friends or attending an after-school class a mobile phone is a great way to communicate.

You know your kids better than anyone. There’s no right or wrong answer when considering a mobile phone for your child. Each child will handle responsibilities differently. If you trust your child to take care of a phone the child is ready. the decision is all yours. Still, need reasons to give your child a Mobile Phone check out our blog on Seven Reasons You Should Give Your Children a Smartphone. You can even check out the following article from BBC News, see more.

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