Seven Reasons You Should Give Your Children a Smartphone

While it’s usually a bad idea to give your younger children a smartphone, you may eventually need to give it to your older children. If your children are responsible enough, a smartphone can make them more productive and these smart devices could actually help in their learning process. We are not saying you should go out and purchase an overly expensive smartphone but what we are trying to put across is the importance of technology these days. Phones have become a lot more affordable these days, you can find, for example, One Plus Mobile Deals across the internet. So, there’s no real excuse not to give your child a smartphone.

They won’t get lost

If your children are navigating through a new environment, you should make sure that they can reach the desired locations safely and quickly. Smartphones are equipped with mapping and GPS features that could provide proper direction. Children may regularly share their GPS coordinate using an instant messaging app, so parents will know about their latest situations. With video calling, parents may see the situation that their children are in. The most likely situation is when young teenagers are traveling through a big city with a group of friends.

They can multitask

With smartphones, your children can do many things in a more organized matter. They can set up a schedule, use educational apps, research for learning materials on the Internet and communicate with teachers using email. Without doubt, children will eventually use smartphones for social media and gaming. So, parents should make sure that smartphones will make them more productive. You need at least 2GB of RAM to ensure that the smartphone can multitask properly. With only 1GB of RAM, apps will be closed automatically, when a new app is opened. So, it will be a waste of time, as your children are moving back and forth between different apps. Make sure that the smartphone can enhance the productivity of your children.

They can share learning materials

One way to improve learning performance is that students should be able to share with one another. There are apps that allow students to easily share notes and files. They may snap a picture on a piece of paper and send it to friends. Of course, it’s only possible if the smartphone has a good camera and can capture written text with good enough quality. Your children may also participate in online classes, which put them at an advantage in the classroom.

They can record classroom sessions

In a classroom session, children often miss more than a few important details, because they need to process so much information. Again, make sure that the smartphone has decent camera quality and microphone sensitivity, so there are enough audio and video clarity.

They feel more confident

Peer pressure is a real thing among teenagers. It’s important to make sure that teenagers don’t feel inferior at school. It isn’t necessary for teenagers to have a lavish smart device, many stylish-looking models are quite affordable and have good performance.

Smartphones are affordable

Smartphones are so common these days that they are getting more affordable. For around $200, you can already get devices with a fairly good display and internal hardware. Smartphones are also decent computing devices that allow children to share notes and use learning apps.

They can learn to be more responsible

Many smartphones have tough casing with waterproofed design. However, they are still delicate and repeated daily abuse can be quite damaging. Students can learn how to maintain their devices and be more responsible.

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