How To Stop Your iPhone App From Crashing

Disappointed when your favourite I phone app stops working? perhaps your youtube app stopped working after the latest system update? whatever the circumstances there’s an easy fix for everything. If your using an app supported by Apple and regularly check for updates the app should be in working order.

Firstly check that there are no issues with your wifi connection or mobile data connection. If the crashing issue is happening to more than 1 app then the issues may well be with your phone its self rather than the app. The 3 R’s: Restart, Reset and Restore are typically advised by the support team at Apple. Our blog includes the 3 R’s, as well as a few advanced fixes to trouble, shoot your crashing app.

Fix 1: Force Close the App

This is one of the quickest fixes and takes less than a minute. Apps that use a lot of memory can tend to freeze in the middle of a game or even get stuck on the loading screen as they can get overloaded with data. Force closing an app completely resets the app and clears the memory.

To force close an app to follow the 3 easy steps listed below:

Any iPhone model that has a home button you need to double click the home button to display your currently used apps, swipe across to find the app you wish to close and simply swipe up to close it. I phone models such as the I phone X and later swipe up from the bottom. Swipe right to left until you come across the app you wish to close, swipe up and close it.

This is may not be a permanent fix, but if your app continues to crash read on for some more advanced fixes.

Fix 2: Update the app

Developers tend to update their apps regularly this is to fix any bugs or improve on existing ones. If automatic updates are turned off on your phone or you forget to update apps they can become unstable. some apps may advise you to update before you can use them but others will require you to update them manually.

To update your apps simply :
Head to the apple store. Located on the bottom right-hand side of your screen will be the “Update” tab. Once the list of apps load looks for the app you wish to troubleshoot. Once you locate the app make sure to install all the updates needed for the app this could be more than one depending on your last update. If your unable to find your app on the list it means the app is already up to date and the issue your experiencing may be fixed in the next update.

Once the app has been updated and as long as you have the latest IOS installed on your phone the problem should be fixed. If you’re still experiencing the same issue with the app report the issue to the developer or consider trying on of below fixes we have.

Fix 3: clear the app data

The more you use your iPhone and the longer you have it more than likely that the internal memory has a small amount of free space. older phones can become slow less reliable as they have gained so much excess data. simple things like clearing the data and memory on your iPhone can change the whole performance capacity dramatically.

The same will apply to the app, the more you use the app and the longer you have the app installed on your I phone the more information the app will collect and will start to slow down. In order to delete the information from the app, you would need to delete the entire app. if you need help deleting the data from an app follow the steps below:

Before deleting the app make sure you have backed up your iPhone to iCloud. It has been known to loose date when deleting an app.

head to your settings menu. Go down to the general tab and locate the iPhone storage. Scroll down and select the app that’s crashing. Press the “Delete App”. Once the app is deleted do a soft reset by manually turning off your iPhone and turning it back on.

If you close background apps and delete apps you no longer use can improve the performance of an app. The performance of complex apps can be reduced by using much of the memory.

Fix 4: Reset All of Your settings

If you’ve tried all of the above options and none of which work for you, try restoring your settings on your iPhone. Some apps may not work with your preferred so its best to set them back to default.

Before resetting all your settings like fix 3 make sure you back up you’re data to iCloud, this way if the app still crashes under default settings you can easily download your preferred setting back on to your phone.

To reset your iPhone settings follow the instructions below:
head to your settings menu. Go down to the general tab. Click Reset this will take you to a screen with many options. Select Reset all settings. None of the content will be deleted.

If this fix resolves your app issues, you’ll need to reconnect to your WiFi, redesign your home page and set up any keywords on your keyboard settings.

Fix 5: Factory Reset

If it’s essential for day-to-day life for you to use this app, you may need to do a full factory reset, but make sure you back up your phone! A factory reset is a little different to fix 4 as it does delete all of your content. there may be a terminal error due to a bug or an internal system issue which only a factory reset can fix.

There are 2 ways to restore your phone to factory settings one is with a computer and one is without a computer.

If you’d prefer reset your phone without a computer follow the same steps as fix 4.
head to your settings menu. Go down to the general tab. Click Reset this will take you to a screen with many options. Click the option to Erase all content and settings.

Want to rest your phone using a computer download iTunes to your PC or Mac. firstly you will need to turn off find my iPhone, you can do this by heading to your settings, your name and opening iCloud.

Using a USB cord connect your phone to your Mac or PC.

Open iTunes on your computer.
The left side bar in iTunes, your phone name will appear to click on.
On the summary tab located on the left sidebar under the settings select “restore iPhone”.
All your data will be erased by iTunes and your phone and the most recent IOS software will be installed. Your phone will restart as a brand new data less device.

Fix 6: Putting your phone in Device Firmware Update Mode

Restoring your iPhone system by this advanced method is another option. If the full factory reset did not work you can implement a system “Restore” almost like a downgrade in the Device Firmware Update. iTunes can install information on to your phone without triggering the operating system or boot loader by using this mode. If the issue is solely in the operating system or bootloader you may be able to go around them.

Don’t know how to put your phone into DFU mode follow the steps below:

Using a Mac or PC connect your iPhone
On your computer open iTunes
When your phone is detected by iTunes, hold down the power button and home button for eight seconds.
After the eight seconds, let go of the power button.
Keep holding down the home button until the following pops up on your screen: “iTunes has detected iPhone in recovery mode.” Once the message appears let go of the home button. Your iPhone will screen will stay black, if for any reason it lights up repeat step 3 again.
Instructions will show up on iTunes follow the steps to downgrade your iPhone to an earlier firmware and operating system.

This option is only to be used if you have tried all options and are comfortable with altering your phones operating system, as you can make your phone unusable if you’re not careful.

Fix 7: Delete the app for good

You may have no choice but to delete the app for good if nine of the above steps work. This could mean the app is truly broken for good. Sometimes it can be a developer issue where a developer neglects the app and does not make regular updates. You could have an iPhone that no longer supports the app due to the technology.

If you don’t want to give up on the app you can visit the apple genius bar especially if you think it may be a hardware issue. Genius bars are located all over the world, you can find them on the Apple website. Need more information on how to delete apps why not check out our blog on: How To Delete Apps On iPhone 8. Got a more up to date model go to our blog on: How to Uninstall Apps On iPhone X. 

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