3 Tips to Conserve Smartphone Battery Life

Below are the 3 tips to conserve your Smartphone Battery Life.

Turn off the Vibrate setting

Love to use your phone’s vibrate setting to receive messages during meetings or at the theatre? Vibrations are a great way to receive notifications in places where your phone needs to be silenced. If you want to conserve your battery its best to use your smartphone on the ringtone setting.

A ringtone sound lets off small vibrations into the speaker in order for you to hear the sound. Vibrations use up more battery power as they enable your whole phone to shake enabling you to hear or feel the vibration. If you need to keep your phone on the vibration setting you can reduce the magnitude of the vibrations.

Dim your screen

Using your phone screen on full power is one of the most severe impacts on your battery life. It is apparent dimming your screen to reduce battery consumption is a must as we all have to touch our screen to activate them from a power saving mode. Using your phone on full brightness to check emails or to read messages will Ultimately reduce your battery life to zero. There are many ways of conserving your battery power, one of which is to enable the auto brightness setting. The auto brightness setting will adjust your brightness to the maximum level for reading while preserving on battery life.

Shorten screen time out

If you want to reduce the battery consumption on your smartphone similarly you should shorten the time out on the phone’s screen. The time out setting defines the amount of time the screen stays alight after you’ve finished communicating with it. Keeping to the minimum time out time will ensure your phone doesn’t drain the battery if you do not use it.

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