How To Find Apple TV Model Number

I found myself asking “which Apple TV do I have” the other day and I really didn’t know. I needed to find my Apple TV Model number to see if I could run a particular app. Luckily, Apple has really good documentation so I was able to figure it out. Read on to find out which Apple TV you have.

How To Find Out Which Apple TV Model You Have

You can find your Apple TV model number by going to Settings → General → About.

How To Find Apple TV Model Number
How To Find Apple TV Model Number
  • Apple TV 4K – A1842
  • Apple TV 4th Gen – A1625
  • Apple TV 3rd Gen – A1427 and A1469
  • Apple TV 2nd Gen – A1378
  • Apple TV 1st Gen – A1218

Or, if you want, you can search the bottom of your Apple TV for the model number (e.g. A1842). Verify which Apple TV you have by comparing the model number to those on the list above or on Apple’s website.

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