How To Enable Chrome PDF Viewer

Gooogle Chrome features a PDF viewer. It is simple, fast and useful. It is also free. You can split PDFs, unlock locked PDFs, and load PDFs of any size. Sometimes, users get an error that reads, Disabled by Enterprise Policy. In this article, I teach you how to enable Chrome’s PDF viewer.

How To Turn On Chrome PDF Viewer

  • Firstly, open Google Chrome.
  • In the search bar, type chrome://settings/privacy 
  • Then, Under Privacy and Security, click ‘Content settings’.
  • Under ‘Content settings’, go to the bottom till you see an option ‘PDF Documents’.
  • Lastly, toggle the switch next to Open PDFs using a different application to OFF.

That’s it! Did it not work? Then, uninstall Chrome and then install a fresh copy. Are you using a Chromebook? Then, you need to Factory Reset if the above does not work.

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