How To Connect Android To Ford Focus

By now, you probably guessed that you can connect your Android smartphone to your Ford Focus via BlueTooth or  USB. With Ford Sync and an Android Bluetooth enabled device, you can make calls and play music from your Android device using the Sync technology built into the Ford Focus. Via the USB connection, you can play music on your Android device to the Ford Focus stereo. However, you cannot make and receive calls using a USB connection. So, how do I connect my phone to Ford Sync?

Ford Sync Bluetooth

  • Press the Phone button on the car stereo. It should indicate that no phone is paired. Select OK.
  • When Find SYNC appears, press OK.
  • Enable Bluetooth on the Android under Settings > Wireless & networks > Bluetooth settings.
  • Your Android should scan and find a device called SYNC.
  • Tap the SYNC selection, then enter the PIN that appears on the stereo’s screen.

Select Aux > Menu and access the content on your device. You can also make and receive calls via the Focus stereo console as long as the device remains connected via Bluetooth. Alternatively, you may connect via USB to listen to your favorite tracks.


  • Vehicles equipped with this user interface will have to press the “Phone” Button either located on the steering wheel or on the center stack.
  • Once you press “Phone” you’ll notice it says “Phone” up in the top left of the screen. This is indicating that you are now in the Phone Menu. You can use the Seek or Tune buttons to navigate the menu till you see “System Settings”.
  • Once there you’ll press the button that says “OK”, this can be found either on the steering wheel or the center stack.
  • The vehicle will then display “Bluetooth Devices”, you’ll want to press “OK” again.
  • Once done you’ll then see “Add Bluetooth Devices”, you’ll press “OK” and get “Find SYNC” displayed. Press “OK” once more and a 6-digit pin will be displayed.

Pairing Up Your Android Phone

Now that you have the 6-digit PIN displayed on your vehicle’s screen you can pair up your phone by following the steps below.

  • Locate your Settings and click it.
  • Locate and select “Wireless and Networks”.
  • Select “Bluetooth Settings” and turn on your Bluetooth.
  • Click “Scan for devices” to search for SYNC. Once you see SYNC select it, and enter the PIN displayed and click “Ok”. Some Android devices time out rather quickly so you’ll need to enter the PIN in before it does.

Connect Via USB

  • Connect the Android to the USB port using the USB cable that was included with your phone or device.
  • Select Aux > Menu on the stereo.
  • When Select Source appears on the screen, press OK.
  • Scroll to and select USB, then press OK.

It then indexes your music library. After which, you gain access to the Play Menu.  From here, you can select your music from any of the following areas.

  • Play All
  • Artists
  • Albums
  • Genres
  • Playlists
  • Tracks
  • Explore USB
  • Similar Music

Remember, you can use a USB connection to play music on your Android device to the Ford Focus stereo. However, you cannot make and receive calls using a USB connection. Do you have another vehicle? Then, read How To Play Music From Phone To Car: Connect Android To Car Radio.

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