Transfer Text Messages – Windows to Android

TRANSFER TEXT MESSAGES FROM WINDOWS MOBILE TO ANDROID PHONE: This tutorial will teach you how to move text messages from Windows smartphones to Android devices.

Things You’ll Need


Once you’ve installed the Windows App, run the SMS Exporter app and allow it to export all text messages on your Windows Phone. The messages will are archived in an .xml file and you will need an .xml editor to load the file and edit the line as described below:

  • Original line in xml-file:

<sms protocol=”0″ address=””SENDERS NAME” ” date=”1281196885000″ type=”1″ body=”TEXT MESSAGE” status=”-1″ read=”1″ />

  • Edited line that is needed in Android, so the senders name and numbers are displayed correctly:

<sms protocol=”0″ address=””SENDERS NAME” ” date=”1281196885000″ type=”1″ body=”TEXT MESSAGE” status=”-1″ read=”1″

After you edit the above, run the android app, SMS Backup & Restore. The app allows you to import the edited .xml file onto Android. Be sure that you backup all your text messages before trying to export them to Android.

Alternative Method

The method above might be a bit outdated or troublesome, so, here’s an alternate method to export Windows Mobile text messages too Android devices.



  • Export SMS from your phone with installed software.
  • Copy exported file to the SDCard of your Android Phone.
  • Open SMS Migrator, configure, carefully, the parameters (especially Export Software  and Encoding that you had used during exporting process), and select your sms file on SDCard (don’t forget to turn off USB storage for your SDcard on your Android phone). DONE!


  • Select your software which is used to exported SMS Missing Sync, iPhone-iSMS, Nokia PC Suite, custom
  • Select encoding which is used during exporting.
  • For custom exported format, please set advanced options
  • Click “Select a file to import”  to browse your file and select a file to import
  • Please contact me if you have format which does not support, I will incrementally add new format and you will be invited to test your format

Thanks for reading: how to transfer text messages from windows phone to android phone. If you need further assistance, be sure to check out the relevant developer pages. Here and Here, for Method 1 and Method 2 respectively.

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