Best Chrome Extensions For Google Services

Everyone loves Google, right? And, I am sure most of us use Google Chrome. I mean, who uses Microsoft Edge? Did you know that you can integrate many of Google’s services with the Chrome browser? Yes, you can! It is really simple. All you need are these Chrome Extensions for Google Services. These are the top Google Services plugins. And, they integrate more useful features into the Chrome Browser!

Best Chrome Extensions For Google Services

Recently, in our series of must-have Chrome extensions, we talked about the best extensions for online privacy and for curation/reading.  Now, for our third installment, we take a step back and list the top Chrome extensions to integrate useful Google services into your Chrome browser! Want to know more? Then, check them out below!

Google Dictionary

Firstly, we think that every needs a good dictionary. Google Dictionary allows users to double click on any word and a popup appears with the definition of the word. Moreover, you need not worry if you speak a language other than English. Google Dictionary offers support for several other languages. So, whether you read jargon-filled or technical-written articles, Google Dictionary is there to help you out. There is even an option to pronounce the word for you.

Video: Google Dictionary: How to use Google Dictionary Chrome Extension URL Shortener

Second on our list is the URL Shortener. Do you share links often on Social Media or in e-mails? Then, the URL shortener, as the name suggests, creates a shorter version of the link. The Chrome extension offers features such as the ability to use a keyboard shortcut for creating a short URL, auto-copy to the clipboard, QR Codes, and more.

Video: Chrome Extension: URL Shortener

Google Calendar

Do you like to make appointments, reminders or save important info on the go? Then, with the Google Calendar Chrome extension, you can create and add events to your schedule as you browse the web. The button shows an orange plus sign whenever there are events on the page you’re viewing that can be added to your calendar.

Video: Google Calendar Extension in Action

Google Scholar Button

No! This Chrome extension does not make you a genius. However, the Google Scholar button allows users to search for scholarly articles without leaving the current page. How? Once installed, all you need to do is highlight a few phrases on the web page and click the extension button. A window appears that displays search results along with options for quoting the scholarly article or the associated document.

Video: Using Google Scholar and other Google resources for education

Google Input Tools

Making its way on the list is the Google Input Tools plugin. This extension is a must-have extension for users who type in multiple languages. With Google Input Tools you can type a variety of languages without having to install extra software or language packs on your PC. The Google Input Tools extension provides virtual keyboards for over 90 languages, full IMEs or direct transliteration for over 30 different scripts, and handwriting input for over 40 languages.

Video: Google Input Tools: Chrome Extension

Boomerang for Gmail

Lastly, but certainly not least, is Boomerang for Gmail. Boomerang allows you to schedule messages to be sent or returned at a later date. Write a message now, send it whenever even if you’re not online. Also, users can track messages to make sure you hear back, and schedule reminders right inside Gmail.

Video: Boomerang for Gmail Demo

Deskun – Help Desk system inside Gmail

Wait, didn’t you say that Boomerang was the last? Yes, I did. However, this is a user suggested submission :) Deskun is an alternative to Boomerang and it is free. Thanks to Stella for the tip. The Deskun extension allows you to set up an e-mail customer support service, manage tasks and projects – all inside the Gmail interface.

Deskun Features

  • Projects and queues
  •  Task priorities
  •  Delegation
  •  Agent groups
  • Autoreply and filters
  • Notes
  • Flexible access rights
  • Snooze
  •  Send later
  • Mail tracking


There you have it. The best Google Services Chrome extensions. Did your favorite plugin make the list? If not, leave us a comment below and we’d consider adding it to the article. And, as always, thanks for reading Best Chrome Extensions For Google Services here on ORDUH! Don’t forget to share this article with your friends. Also, check out our list of top Chrome extensions, where we feature even more useful Chrome Plugins. And, finally, don’t forget to read our other Chrome tips like clearing the cache, syncing bookmarks and managing PDF files. You can also learn how to Add Facebook Events to Google Calendar.


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