Apple Debuts New Mac Mini: Quad-core, >32 GB RAM, All SSDs

Apple revealed an all-new Mac Mini at their Special Live Event in Brooklyn today alongside a brand new MacBook Air. Sporting a space-grey finish, the new Mac Mini features quad-core CPU. Apple also revealed that the new “Mac” will also come in a 
six-core variation. All models will have SSDs as well as support for up to 64 GB RAM.

The price for the new Mac Mini starts at $799 with options for upgrades. If interested, persons can start ordering today with first deliveries scheduled for November 7th.

The new Mac Mini includes gigabit Ethernet, four Thunderbolt 3 ports, an HDMI port, and USB-A. Users can also configure it with 10 Gigabit Ethernet like the iMac Pro.

It also comes with an Apple T2 chip for security. The new Mac Mini also has better cooling and uses recycled aluminum. 60% of the Mini is recycled plastic while the encasing is 100% recycled aluminum.

At it’s highest point, the Mac Mini can run up to 64 GB RAM, 4.6GHz 6-core Core i7 CPUs, a 2 TB SDD and 10 Gigabit ethernet. Check it out in the unveiling video below.

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