Unlock OnePlus 3 Bootloader

Unlock OnePlus 3 Bootloader: in order to install the OnePlus 3 TWRP recovery and Root OnePlus 3 smartphones, you must first Unlock the OnePlus Three Bootloader. This tutorial takes you through all the necessary steps to unlock your device’s bootloader. ]

Follow the steps in this OnePlus 3 unlock bootloader tutorial carefully and contact us if you need any further assistance. Before you begin, be sure to back up your OnePus 3 device data. By unlocking the bootloader, your data will be wiped. This includes apps, settings, pictures, music, Android contacts etc.

Things You’ll Need


  • Install the USB Drivers for the OnePlus 3 onto you PC.
  • Extract the contents of the ADB & Fastboot Zip to a folder on your desktop

After you have done this, turn off your OnePlus 3. You will need to boot it into fastboot mode in order to continue with the tutorial. If you don’t know how to do this then follow the steps outlined below:

  • Hold the volume up + power buttons (while the phone is off)
  • The OnePlus 3 will display “fastboot” indicating that it has successfully entered fastboot mode

After you have done this, you must now connect the OnePlus 3 to one of your computers using the USB cable that came with your device. After you connect, you must open a command prompt window from the ADB folder. Hold the Shift button and Right click on the White space of the folder and click on “Open Command Window here”. When the window opens, enter the following command:

  • fastboot devices This command will list the connected devices. If your OnePlus Three’s serial number shows up, then you may proceed. If the OnePlus 3 is NOT listed, this means that your OnePlus 3 drivers are not installed correctly. Try again!

Once the OnePlus 3cis recognized by the PC, you may proceed to unlocking the bootloader using the commands listed hereafter: fastboot oem unlock This command will execute and once it is finished you need to enter the following command: fastboot reboot This command will force the OnePlus 3 to reboot and, once it restarts, you need to set up a few things:

Enable USB Debugging OnePlus 3

USB Debugging – On your OnePlus 3, go to

Disable OnePlus 3 CM Recovery Protection (If Available)

Disable CM Recovery Protection – On your phone go to

  • Settings > Developer options.
  • Then disable the ‘Update recovery with system updates’ option.

You may now close the command prompt window and proceed to the INSTALL TWRP ON ONE PLUS THREE tutorial. Thanks for reading: how to unlock OnePlus 3 bootloader here on OrDuh!

Video: Unlock Bootloader on OnePlus Three

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