Root OnePlus 3

Root OnePlus 3: This tutorial teaches you how to Root OnePlus 3 smartphones. To proceed with this guide, you must have already: installed the OnePlus 3 USB/ADB drivers. Secondly, you need an unlocked OnePlus 3 bootloader. Finally, with those above, you may install your OnePlus Three custom recovery. If you’ve already done these things, then you may proceed accordingly.

Things You’ll Need

Root OnePlus 3: Instructions

To begin, you must first copy the SuperSu file above to your OnePlus 3. Now, turn off your OnePlus 3. After the device is off, do the following: Boot your OnePlus 3 in recovery mode. To do this, hold the volume down + power buttons while the phone is off. Leave the OnePlus 3 on the main screen of the custom recovery. Proceed with the following steps:

  • Go to Install >
  • Browse to SuperSU zip and select it
  • Swipe to confirm the installation

Reboot your OnePlus 3. Congrats! You have successfully learned how to root OnePlus 3 smartphones. Have you followed all of the tutorials correctly? Then, your OnePlus 3 should now have an unlocked bootloader, a custom recovery installed and root access.

As a bonus, here is a full-length video taking you through all the necessary steps. Remember, once rooted, you can install custom ROMs, tweaks, mods, etc. on the Oneplus 3.

Also, be sure to check out: Fix: OnePlus 3 Battery Drain/Overheating. Thanks for reading: How to Root OnePlus 3. Enjoy the video.

Video: Root, Unlock Bootloader, Install Custom Recovery on OnePlus Three

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