How To Take A Screenshot macOS Mojave

macOS Mojave brings some new features with it which includes a new way to take screenshots on your MacBook. However, while there is a new method to take a screenshot, the older methods still remain the same. Keep reading while you take you through the different ways to take a screenshot on macOS Mojave.

Screenshot macOS Mojave

To take a screenshot on macOS Mojave use any of the following key combinations:

  • Shift > Command > 3
  • Shift > Command > 4
  • Shift > Command > 4 > Spacebar
  • Shift > Command > 6 (for Touch Bar MacBooks)

The above are the original ways to take a screenshot on a Mac. However, if you are using Mojave, there’s a new method Shift – Command – 5.

By using the new shortcut, Shift – Command – 5, you bring up a crosshair pointer and a menu. The menu provides you with a few new options that we explain below:

Set A Timer For Screenshots

  • Press Shift – Command – 5.
  • Choose Options.
  • Set Timer to either None5 Seconds, or 10 Seconds.

Once you’ve set the appropriate time, go back to the main menu and choose whether you want to:

  • Capture Entire Screen
  • Capture Selected Window
  • Capture Selected Portion

Once you choose one of the options a countdown appears on your display. Once the countdown completes, a screenshot of your screen will be taken. However, you can stop the countdown at any time by hovering over it and selecting cancel.

How To Change Save Location For Screenshots

By default, all screenshots save to your desktop. However, you may opt to save screenshots in a specific folder.

  • Press Shift – Command – 5.
  • Select Options.
  • Scroll up to Save To and select from the following:
    1. Desktop
    2. Documents
    3. Clipboard
    4. Mail
    5. Messages
    6. Preview

Once you choose one of the above options, it then becomes the default save location for all future screenshots. At the moment, these are the only available save locations for screenshots on Mac.

How To Show Mouse Cursor In Screenshot

Sometimes, you may want to show your mouse cursor in the screenshot. With Mojave, this is easy to do.

  • Press Shift – Command – 5
  • Select Options 
  • Select Show Mouse Cursor

How To Edit A Screenshot

When you take a screenshot on your MacBook, a small preview window appears in the bottom right-hand corner. There are a few things you can do with the preview.

You can swipe it away with your mouse. You can wait for it to disappear after a few seconds. Or, you can click it to open the screenshot in Preview.

The last option is where you can edit your screenshot. At the top of the Preview window there is a toolbar. This toolbar has all the tools you need to customize your screenshot. 

Use it to add shapes or outlines, draw, add text, rotate, or crop your screenshot. You may also decide to delete or share your screenshot. There are options for those with the toolbar menu as well.

With Mojave, taking screenshots and editing them is as easy as 1,2,3. Hopefully, the information provided has helped you understand a bit of how to take a screenshot macOS Mojave style.

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