Samsung Tablet Won't Turn On

Samsung Tablet Won't Turn On: What to do when my Samsung tablet won't turn on? My Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 ran out of battery so I left it for a few days, forgetting to charge it. Now it won't turn on. I've tried holding down the power button and the volume up button for 30 seconds but still nothing? what do I do? Here is a short guide that takes you through all the troubleshooting steps and solutions necessary to get your Samsung tablet working again (works with any Samsung Tablet).

My Samsung tablet won't turn on 

First, remove the SD Card and SIM card from your tablet. Press the Power button + Volume Up button at the same time for about 10 seconds. Release the power button when the Samsung logo appears on the screen of your tablet, however, continue to hold the Volume Up button until the recovery screen appears. Now, use the volume buttons to navigate through the menu and select one from the four options as indicated on the picture above, press Home to choose the selection. This has been shown to work for Samsung Galaxy Tab CDMA P100's that won't turn on.  This trick works for any Samsung tablet not turning on.

Samsung tablet not turning on fix 2

If the above trick did not work for you then you can try this next tip. Similar to the first trick but with an extra step. You can also try to hold the power button and volume up button for thirty seconds while plugged into a computer or another power source.

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Samsung Galaxy tablet won't turn on fix 3

Connect the Samsung Galaxy tablet to the charge and leave it for about 5 minutes. Push the volume+ and the power buttons. The screen should turn on, and it should start charging with the Samsung "charging screen" appearing on the display.

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How to fix your Samsung Galaxy Tablet - Not Charging, Not Turning On.

Angelica R. Powell:I created this video because my Samsung Galaxy Tablet was not charging or turning on and this is what I did to resolve the problem. If after watching the video, you still face problems, read, how to reset Samsung tablet for more information.

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