Samsung Galaxy S7: Enable Developer Options

How to enable developer options on Samsung Galaxy S7?  The Android operating system disables Developer options on the Samsung Galaxy S7 by default. You must activate developer options on your Galaxy S7 if you want to do things like root your Galaxy S7. If you do not know how to turn on the developer options on the Samsung Galaxy S7, then follow this tutorial to do so:

Things to Know about developer options on the Galaxy S7

  • Enable debugging over USB.
  • Quickly capture bug reports onto the device.
  • Show CPU usage on screen.
  • Draw debugging information on the screen such as layout bounds, updates on GPU views and hardware layers, and other information.
  • Many other options to simulate app stresses or enable debugging option

How to enable developer options on Samsung Galaxy S7

  • From the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S7 navigate to Menu –> Settings –> device information
  • In this  submenu, you now see various information about your Samsung Galaxy S7.
  • In order to enable the developer options, tap several times in rapid succession on the “build number”.
  • After about the seventh time tap, a message appears that reads “developer options enabled”.

Find the unlocked developer options in the settings section of your Samsung Galaxy S7. Thanks for reading: how to enable developer options on Samsung Galaxy S7 devices.

Video: Enable Samsung Galaxy S7 Developer Options

How to enable USB Debugging? How to open Developer Options? How to active Developer Mode?  In this tutorial, we explain step by step how to open Developer Mode in Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge devices.


After you have enabled Developer Options on the Samsung Galaxy S7, you’ll see settings that are targeted towards the advanced user. The main advantage to unlocking the developer options is having the ability to see settings that aren’t available to the standard users when you browse the developer options menu. Also, read What do to if your Samsung Galaxy S7 is not connecting to Wi-Fi and How to Fix a Samsung Galaxy S7 that won’t charge or turn on.

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